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Tyler Parr and the Alpha Fitness Clubs - Improving Health and Confidence in Eureka, CA!

"Alpha Fitness Clubs is a fitness facility that focuses on building confidence and self awareness with individuals who are ready to pursue a life filled with self improvement and growth. With years of success and experience, we are capable of analyzing your body and creating a fitness plan that will help you reach your goals. We will show you the best equipment to use and we will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals."

- Tyler Parr

Tyler Parr is the owner of Alpha Fitness Clubs in Eureka, CA where they're helping people not only get into shape physically but mentally. By fostering a community around personal growth and development, Alpha Fitness Clubs is creating a positive environment with what seems like the kind of people I want to be around. A positive athletics atmosphere looks like flourishing relationships, strong healthy form (form is everything), and genuine smiles conveying a sense of self worth.

So far all I've gotten to know of Tyler is from seeing him discuss his gym, current events, and his own personal journey through live video on Facebook. He's one of the few people I know who isn't afraid to speak their mind publicly. Those who share their personal story, allowing the rest of us to know what helps them get where they want to be, are an inspiration to myself and so many other's who want to make a difference. And instilling confidence is so important because it empowers people not to accept less than ideal circumstances.

It certainly gave me a boost of confidence when Tyler reached out to have Alpha Fitness Clubs promoted in our network. For starts I know that teaching empowerment self defense and fitness motivates people to do their best, creating the ideal conditions for achievement. I've seen Tyler and his team of independent personal trainers celebrate each other's progress, they also teach each other and their clients plus the youth how to be more diligent and disciplined. These facts inspire me to visit the Alpha Fitness Clubs myself, I'm ready to grow.

I once received some self defense training during a business internship in San Diego, and I can attest the experience was and still is benefiting me on so many levels. Being healthy and knowing self defense can create a sense of calm preparedness for whatever life throws our way, by developing that inner strength. And Tyler's videos show a very real passion for raising awareness. He wants to help people reach their developmental goals, this is clear by the fact he's built a business and community around personal training.

I'm writing this introduction about the Alpha Fitness Clubs owner, Tyler Parr. Though I can't wait to write a follow up after I make my way to the Alpha Fitness Clubs in Eureka. As I read through their website, I am just now becoming aware that the 1st 1 on 1 training session is free! I had already planned on visiting the gym to connect with Tyler as I've felt called to do so for a while. But after putting some thought into it, I've realized that I do have some fitness goals I'd like to pursue.

I want to brush up on my self defense skills and be around positive role models! My fitness goals include getting some muscle tone, increasing stamina and consistency in my routine, strengthening my joints and overall developing a balanced healthy lifestyle. I often think back to my years in sports, and consider how being in good shape physically helped me in every other facet of my life. Allow me to invite you to come to the same conclusion, maybe we'll see each other at the Alpha Clubs Fitness gym in Eureka, CA! Certainly seems like the right place to get back in shape.

Stay tuned to see my progress with Alpha Fitness Clubs,

Alpha Fitness Clubs photo's!

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