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  • Restorative Yoga​

  • Guided Meditation and breath work 

  • Reflexology

  • Nutritional Balance Counseling

  • Language Interpretation (Spanish and English)

  • Empowerment​

Karen Melinee


     Karen Melinee has been a Yogi for 20 plus years with a primary focus in balanced alignment, meditation, breath work, and nutrition. Her Hatha Yoga classes offer a varied perspective and practice through a unique blending of of Ashtanga, Karma, Jhana, Vinyasa flow, Anusara & Restorative techniques. She infuses her offerings with many modalities including Reflexology, Facial acupressure and Reiki that enhance wellness and maintenance of the mind and body.


     Karen's intention is to leave students feeling empowered, centered, focused, and inspired to continue the yoga practice off the mat with an emphasis on the principles of mindfulness, awareness, patience and a deep reverence for life. Karen aspires to hold space for students to dive deeper into their practice both physically and spiritually, and to connect with the beauty that is within and all around.


     Her passion in particular for Restorative yoga springs from her resonance with Desikachar’s teaching that each individual has a point where practice begins for them and that no two bodies are the same.

     Karen believes that “as individuals we need different poses for body equilibrium at different times during our lifetime…as we grow in our practice, it is for our unique evolution and not a competition with self or others. What we create on the mat is body nurture and a space for self awareness to take beyond the mat to our family, friends & co-workers. As a culture, here in the Western World, we are encouraged to do more, faster and harder. I like to take an approach in which we remain mindful in our own bodies and I am there to guide the student to the potential within their distinctive beautiful temple; their body in their own time!”

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     Karen currently teaches Restorative yoga in Northern California and offers private sessions for beginner students to support and instill integration of a longer term yoga practice in its different facets. She is bilingual and doing the best to expand this beautiful practice with the local Spanish speaking community also.

Class schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday's   7:45PM at Vibes Yoga Studio in Arcata, CA.  

  • ZOOM classes by appointment

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     Restorative yoga classes are typically an hour long, with a little more heat in the morning to get the blood flowing such as sun salutations and standing postures. Zoom class details are sent out weekly through email, sign up below to receive invitations. All donations are gladly accepted at the bottom on this page. Your participation is appreciated as it supports my expansion as a yoga teacher. 


Karen is part of ‘Sacred Seeking Journeys’ team, a womens’ retreat collaboration to support individuals in wellness and in their journey to healing, and empowerment. We offer transformative tools and workshops for enlightened living in different locations around the world.

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