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Blues Rock at the Red Door with Luis Oliart, Toluca Lake, CA

I met Luis Oliart of Los Angeles at the Richard's Goat in Arcata, CA. Luis became visibly excited when talking about music, discussing the numbers and scales that make rhythm and sound. I happened to had been planning on going to Los Angeles, by coincidence, and Luis invited me to the Blues Rock jam at The Red Door in Toluca Lake, CA. He invited me to contact him when I was down there, and I'm grateful I did.

The show was spectacular, such a friendly atmosphere and awesome music. Luis Oliart plays as host, along with guest ranging from A-list musicians such as Scott Page, Rick Solem, Doc Lawrence, to regulars and friends. You could really feel the community of merriment in the general vibe of the audience, and in the fluid relationship of the musicians playing. I also enjoyed the full bar, and kitchen which is open until 2:00AM. I was told by Doc that they had the best pizza in town, which is a big statement to say the least.

He handed me the menu, and I asked for my favorite type of pizza since childhood, "Pepperoni pineapple." I think he was a little shocked, after all the pizzas on the menu sounded much more sophisticated and flavorful. Then, to my surprise, that was probably the best pizza I've ever had in my life. Something magical about the perfect balance of flavors, obviously fresh authentic ingredients, with a slightly blackened thin crust. The experience is one I won't be forgetting any time soon.

Luis did a great job giving credit where it's due, find a list of common guest here, and see them for yourself Monday nights at the Red Door in Toluca Lake, CA. I also want to include a link to, where you can find his music and resources. Luis Oliart is a teacher, artist, producer, composer, musician, and generally a friendly professional. I hope we remain connected, and I plan to see more shows at the Red Door. I feel inspired to continue practicing music, and leveling up in my life so that I can actively participate with the curation of events like this.

Big thank to Luis for inviting me out, and to my readers, stay tuned!

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