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Music Journaling For The Soul

Hi everybody,

This blog is about the utilization of music for expressing and consoling ones feelings. I have always loved making playlist, as a kid mixing CD's, composing playlist on my mp3 device, and now with youtube. I also really appreciate karaoke for the same reason. Music can speak for us in ways we haven't discovered or become conscious of.

It is so important for us to express ourselves, whether it is to ourselves or to others. We can discover our own desires and struggles, all while enjoying some good tunes at the same time. I often create playlist to share with friends, making playlist has nearly replaced journaling for me altogether. I often express my feelings to others through playlist as well.

Many who know me know that I consider writing song lyrics an act of personal growth and development. Writing our thoughts, expressing them and witnessing their manifestation in our daily lives is not only rewarding but pivotal to the development of character. The beautiful thing about making playlist is that someone else has discovered a way to express what we feel inside.

You're welcome to go through my youtube playlist, and see all of the music I've shared at my best and worst times. But here is a playlist I made today. Please enjoy it, and feel free to comment here what it makes you feel. Please share with me any playlist you have made. I greatly appreciate you accompanying me on my journey. I've got a few blogs in the works, until I can relax and fully process my experiences in TN, you'll have to wait for those.

Might as well enjoy the music,

Anthony DeLuca

This blog post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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