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Degenerate Art Show at Outer Space, Arcata

Ariel of Blood Hunny, photo by Tania Fonseca

It was my pleasure to attend the Degenerate Art Show at a venue called Outer Space in Arcata, CA. Outer Space is a sober venue that hosts art shows, live music, workshops, and a range of community events - organized by the non-profit Breakfast All Day Collective. The Degenerate Art Show was an act to reclaim what it means to be a degenerate.

Among all of the obscure works of art were groups of people coming together over their interpretations of the art and whatever had brought them together in that moment. I met with friends, and got a taste for how they expressed themselves in the art they shared and/or chose to focus on. It felt good to learn, and share space among the many different abstract and sometimes taboo art displays.

Outer Space also has a stage room where I found an improv belly dance routine in progress. The dancers seemed comfortable, I wouldn't have guessed it was improv but the effortless grace was on point, as were the rest of the music acts over the night. People were making art right on location live, food and drinks were provided courtesy of the house.

I'm grateful I was able to experience the Degenerate Art Show, and would like to reach out to the Breakfast All Day Collective, and Outer Space to learn more about how we can support their impact in the community of Humboldt County, California. Their venue is all ages welcome, drug and alcohol free, and they can use your support to do what they do. Outer Space was very welcoming, and the Degenerate Art Show was free to attend.

Please consider donating to the Outer Space Community Music and Arts Center in Arcata, CA.

Enjoy the photography of Tania Fonseca, a participant in the Degenerate Art Show, Digital Media Artist, Facilitator, and Curator with The Studio.

This promo blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, pictures were taken by Tania Fonseca, and donated to be shared on!

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