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Music Scholarships For Kids with The League of Everyday People!

Giving the gift of music is a wonderful thing. I'm honored to help promote the League of Everyday People for that reason. The League of Everyday People is a Non-Profit started by folks who understand the important values inherit in spreading joy through music, here in Humboldt County! They've already given 13 music scholarships to students and are planning to give more this year along with refurbished instruments and teachings through online digital courses. Musicians can apply on their site to contribute knowledge!

As per Rhapsodic Global custom, I like to share about how I meet the people I promote. Serg Mihaylo is an upstanding member of our Humboldt community. Serg enjoys helping entrepreneurs and hosting jam sessions in town locally. I see Serg frequently around town everywhere that is good from Arcata's Economic Development Committee to North Town Coffee and even at the Mad River Market! Giving the gift of music through Music Scholarships offered by the League of Everyday People is a definite no brainer.

Serg Mihaylo can be found encouraging musicians to contribute to this awesome cause by videotaping themselves teaching. Fill out a form on their website, and someone from the League of Everyday People will reach out with further details. Music is such a journey, as anyone who's gotten involved with an instrument knows just how much music can teach us about life. Imagine the impact made by simply sharing our instruments and knowledge with the young impressionable minds receiving these scholarships!

Musicians can apply to teach, and children ages 6 - 18 can apply for Music Scholarships. The League of Everyday People accepts donations of money and instruments on their website and at North Town Coffee in Arcata, CA. All donations go to introducing and teaching music to the youth, through digital courses on their website and by refurbishing instruments to give to the kids! Spreading the joy of music and culture is a great cause, if I've ever seen one. And I'm grateful to help get the word out, so please join me in supporting The League of Everyday People as a program like this is life changing for all involved.

This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!


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