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Some Thoughts About Tennessee

It's been almost 6 weeks since I first wrote about going to Tennessee. Seems my departure to Nashville has been delayed, yet I still left my apartment on March 25th. I've been off the spaceship for 10 days now. I'm a bit worried about my future, but I believe in myself and my goals with Rhapsodic Global. Here is a progress report on how things are shaping up for me and my travels.

I have discovered that my Grandparents are coming back from Ohio on the road in May, and I am awaiting confirmation on if they would like my help driving. We happen to have family in Tennessee that I didn't know about. I got the confirmation on the hemp farm, they're getting started now! It also turns out my Step Dad has a childhood friend who lives in Nashville, named Paul Loggins, Kenny Loggins cousin.

If things work out my way I will make it to Nashville to start a new community page, see the hemp farm and share an article about that, then meet up with my Grandparents and my Dad's side of the family in Ohio before driving back to California with them. I'm happy to know that I'm invited to come work on the hemp farm this summer, but if I don't get enough support to comfortably get out there, I may be farming food in Humboldt County until further notice. I am grateful, and blessed with good options either way.

Anyone who is curious about the CBD/Hemp farm should purchase themselves a copy of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer, or read it right on Jack's website. Thanks Jack! If you're curious about the CBD/Hemp farm I may be documenting in Tennessee, see my friend Jamie and his photos below! Thanks for reading, as always, and please donate to the cause of helping me make my way to Tennessee!

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