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Free Coloring Books with Directions to Donate to Covid-19 Relief Inside, Thanks to Mt. Analogue!

Stephen makes music by the name Mt. Analogue, and I'm having a really great time listening right now. To be honest, I didn't even know Mt. Analogue made hip hop before I started writing this blog. The timing for me to find his music couldn't be better as I just put out my first song in over a year yesterday. I've been catching Stephen doing live broadcast time to time over the past few weeks and he recently made a coloring book to give all of us something good to do while cooped up

Stephen's fun to watch as he is very familiar with his set up, his tunes are spontaneous high vibe wide range non-brand music. As you may have seen in the IG post top of the screen, even his coloring book promo is quite creative. He's offered to forward any donations for his coloring book to Direct Relief Charity, to help with covid-19 relief. Campaigns like this are exactly the kind of thing I want to share on Rhapsodic Global, let's keep everyone inspired around here!

I'm hoping that this short sweet promo blog is just the beginning of my new found connection with Mt. Analouge. I sincerely mean it when I say his work, everything about how he shares his content on the web is sound, and well put together. The first time I ever reached out to him, it was to compliment his set up and he immediately replied with how I could hook myself up with a similar gig. If you look on his soundcloud bio, you'll find lots of great resources for your music interest, his ethic is truly impressive.

It's always good to come across people who pour their heart into their craft, and let their personality shine radiantly bringing warmth into the world around them. Tonight I have become a fan of Stephen's music, been listening the whole time I've been writing this and the words are the flowing out of me. I definitely encourage y'all to take this journey with me through Mt. Analogue. I may even color in some of these pages in his coloring book, he did ask for us to share with him our creations!

Stay tuned for more stories about connecting with Mt. Analogue of course, but first check him out! Click here >>> Mt. Analogue

PS Here is my favorite jam by Mt. Analogue so far,

This promo blog is written and donated to, free of charge by Anthony DeLuca of

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