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Meal Ticket Production Update

It's been four days since I arrived at Deon the Director's house to help with the preproduction organization of Meal Ticket, and we're still on track! It's been really great hanging out with Deon, not only has he been a gracious host but he's helping me learn how to organize a script for production which is definitely a skill I intend on using more in the future.

I went deeper into the VR world last night, playing Resident Evil for the first time along with a Texas Chainsaw Massacre game and Spiderman. It's strange how when you fly into the side of a building your body really expects and reacts as if that is what's happening. We've also watched a couple movies, including Ready Player One Gamer, which is about a world where people buy other people to play like a video game character.

As you can imagine, this type of stuff is almost spooky to me being that I spend a lot of my time staring off in the distance. I definitely feel like I'm in a world of wonder out here in Los Angeles, but more internally I feel right at home. Deon the Director is definitely an inspiring individual, for the few of us here helping with the production he is really sharing his knowledge and skills in a way that will effect our lives.

As planned we are getting to a good point where Deon feels prepared to start filming next week. I am about to go continue quarantining at my Grandparents, and check in with Trip, before coming back to fill my role and help out on set. We'll be filming on a closed set, so once we get started it's likely going to be all business moving props and getting shots building scenes and filming a series pilot!

I'll let you know that after reading the entire script for the first time over the past few days I am really excited to help get this pilot pitched. There are a lot of funny moments, it's been really fun getting a sense for how Deon the Director see's all of this in his minds eye. I think people who watch Meal Ticket are going to get into the characters, laugh at the imagination present in their entanglements, and enjoy the show.

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