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New Adventures in Film! Recruited by Deon the Director, Announcements and My Big Break!

I'm excited to announce that I've been given a small role in the pilot episode of a series being pitched to Netflix, called Meal Ticket, by Deon the Director Productions! Deon Cooper, the owner of DTD Productions is hard at work bringing together a cast/crew, organizing dates and locations etc, and keeping in tune with all of us as we prepare to make this dream a reality. I'll be leaving home sometime this November to Los Angeles where I'll be meeting with everyone to start working!

This opportunity means a lot to me, even more to Deon, and it may be the beginning of some really great team building and creative work to come. We've been meeting over video for the last month or two doing our table reads and discussing ideas. It's clear that we have experienced and talented artist ready to act and play their parts, plus a great and sincere director! I'm grateful I'll be able to learn from everyone, they've all been very supportive.

After all, this is my first experience with film ever since I was young playing with my kid uncles. There was also filming stupid stunts with friends in Los Angeles, and then high school drama class, but this will be my first real experience with film in a professional setting. My role is small, but I will have to be doing some real acting it won't be easy. Rest assured I'll give my best effort to make sure all of you get to see!

Besides from embodying a character for entertainment purposes, I intend to be useful on set and learn as much as I can. I've been doing lots of odd jobs for years now, and I feel confident that I'll learn quickly. Just imagine, creating film is practically crafting reality so there are lots of things that go into organizing each scene. For starters, Deon taught me how to help with filling out script breakdown sheets and the schedule board.

Going over that stuff with Deon will help me be more prepared on set, at least that's the idea, and now I also get to write myself in as "Production Assistant!" My first priority in LA will be Meal Ticket, but I intend on extending my stay to get involved with their wide variety of projects being conceived from love stories such as Where Love Ends to suspense thrillers like Don't Cry Billy as well as comedies Meal Ticket and The Looking Glass.

Deon and I originally met through cross promotion, Deon started Radio for the World and was the first person ever to be streaming live audio and video on Facebook. Many years ago he interviewed me about my rap music during a Radio For the World event called 80 Hours of Madness. Deon stayed awake for 80 hours straight, interviewing independent artist and playing music, 5 separate times!

This Saturday, November 7th 2020, we're going to be broadcasting another Radio For the World event to promote Meal Ticket! I'm going to stream the event live to Facebook, but we'll all be broadcasting together on We'll be getting to know people involved with the production, discussing our backgrounds, Meal Ticket and other projects, just having a good time hanging out with each other on video and playing music.

Meet the cast

During this live interview we will meet the main actors Savion Polk, Hakeem Sharif, and Kevin Thibodeaux, along with the Director Deon Cooper and others. Everyone in the interview has distinctly different personalities from each other, yet everything's been meshing well together. We've been having fun working, but this will be our chance to just be ourselves and discuss what it's been like getting ready to start filming.

And it looks like I will be "moderating" the interview, so this is my suggestion, we'll write down some questions and statements but we're basically going to hang out and talk about our impressions of the project and what brought us to get excited about working together. There are some fun creative projects culminating with this group, and chances are we'll get right into a groove discussing our personal reasons for being here now.

Promoting productive interest, adding new connections and vetting new connectors are always goals on my radar, any time off not spent with family in the area will be spent networking or spectating. Sounds like I'm going to be with friends as Deon has opened his doors to all of us on his team. Any support you might want to throw at Deon the Director to help with the production of Meal Ticket, I definitely think he deserves it!

(Investment options are also available.)

I'll be taken care of as I devote time and energy to help this project come to life, but much like Deon is, I am putting myself out on a limb just up and running to LA for an undetermined amount of time. If anyone seeing this feels like helping me afford the resources to make my trip as productive as possible, I'll make sure to pay it forward to everyone I meet by supporting their business with promotion and trade.

Overall I'm really excited to share this story as it develops, and to be a part of a pilot pitch for the series to be named Meal Ticket. I have a good feeling about our fate in all of this, we've got a beautiful group coming together with the energy and enthusiasm. Where ever this experience leads will turn into really great story material and memories. Tune in to the Radio For the World interview this Saturday to see the awesome charisma permeating this film production for yourself. We're bound to do great things!


This promo blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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