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Significant Conservation Opportunity Near Petrolia, CA: Property Listed For Sale by Humboldt County Realtor, Sandi DeLuca

Property for sale in Petrolia, CA!

4011 Conklin Creek Road, listed with Sandi DeLuca DRE#01326943

Humboldt County Realtor Sandi DeLuca is listing The Buckeye Ranch in Petrolia, CA! Located within 15 minutes of the Mattole Beach access point of the famed Lost Coast Trail, we're looking at a significant investment for its location and resource-rich environmental prospects. Featuring an abundance of pristine running water, open meadows, sprawling mountainsides with southern exposure, timberlands, five large structures, and easy access roads, this property is not only breathtaking, it’s 2,357 acres of your own world. Call or text Sandi DeLuca at (707)834-0365 to see for yourself!

The Buckeye Ranch once served as a hunting ground for Wilderness Unlimited and still host a variety of wildlife including elk, deer, black bears, river otters, bobcats, bald eagles, rattlesnakes, and more. The coastal region of the Mattole River is astonishingly rugged, well known for it's majestic beauty, diverse ecosystems, and for it's unspoiled landscapes. In fact, Caltrans determined in 1984 that it would be unfeasible to continue building Highway 1 through this part of California's coast because the area is simply untamable. Thus, the Lost Coast has become a gem for adventurers looking to get away from it all.

The Bear River Band of the Rhonerville Rancheria and California State Parks are collaborating to conserve land with historical significance to the Bear River Tribe, which may include this property. A Memorandum of Understanding discussing the partnership between the State Parks and Bear River Band was signed in October, 2023. The Bear River Tribe historically lived near the Mattole River and is rumored to have ties to the land here. The new owner can work with the state to determine how significant this land is to the Bear River Tribe, and exactly how the property might fit in with their MOU.

4011 Conklin Creek Road, Petrolia, CA For Sale

Another investment in this property could be in California's carbon credit programs, whereas landowners can receive funding for negating carbon impacts. California incentivizes property owners who reduce carbon impacts with forestry, agricultural practices, and grassland management projects such as rotational grazing. With 2,357 acres of land, between state and National interest in reducing carbon emissions, there's plenty of programs that may be worth looking into. Check the California Climate Investments website to see active carbon credit programs happening now.

how to carbon credits landowners information

Conklin Creek is closest to Petrolia which has a population of about 300-500 people, and is part of the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline in the continental United States. To the south we have the Kings Range National Conservation Area, and an hour north there is the small town of Ferndale with 1,400 people (2022). Any would-be buyers might consider this their opportunity to escape into one of the most isolated parts of California. Here in Petrolia, one can enjoy all the beauty of living on the coast without any of the hassle normally associated with living near coastal developments.

Petrolia got its name for being the first place in California to drill for oil in the 1860's. The Union Mattole drilled near the river mouth and first sent oil to be refined in San Francisco in 1865, but ultimately failed to find sufficient oil supplies to keep up with the increasing demand. Almost a hundred years later the area was declared California Historical Landmark #543, in 1955. Sandi DeLuca's client and I spoke on the phone while drafting this article and I hear there is potentially a small oil spring located on the property, which produces and interesting odor and some strangely dark colored rocks - pretty cool!

4011 Conklin Creek in Petrolia is an incredible property. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the most beautiful plots of land in Northern California, likely among the most beautiful and isolated places in the world. Buyers may preserve the location for their themselves, benefit from California's carbon credit incentives, or work with the state and tribes to include the area in their future conservation prospects. For any questions you may have, Sandi DeLuca is one of Humboldt County's most dedicated realtors with the experience and expertise to process your acquisition.

Give Sandi DeLuca DRE#01326943

a Call or text at (707)834-0365

4011 Conklin Creek Road Petrolia CA

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