Strong Future clothing sale, travel fundraiser!

Here's your chance to show your support to someone who is taking the leaps of faith, and leading by example. Jessi with Strong Future clothing and I have known each other since we were kids. She's always been devoted to developing her expression, and seeing the world, and she has come a long way! I particularly appreciate the example Jessi leads because she was there when her, Jason, and I had the conversation that started Rhapsodic Global.

Originally a hair stylist, Jessi also paints, fire spins and hoops, and is currently learning Spanish. Strong Future clothing represents the path to the feature, I believe. That's why I am going to copy paste from her post directly pertaining to this fundraiser, and look forward to sharing more stories about Jessi's journey in the future! Thanks for being my friend, and an inspiration, cheers to Jessi's Strong Future clothing sale and the stories to come.

Sale this week!! I am fundraising for my trip to Central America next month 🌞 ~ $50 zip up hoodies (prices have already been lowered in my etsy shop) ~ $10 off leggings (ask me for the coupon code)

* If you see something you like on instagram or in my shop, ask me about how to get it in your size ✨ * Prices go down when you buy more than 1 item, dm me for more info 🙏 Etsy Shop:

This Promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!

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