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Think Global Act Local: Bob Doran brings Anthony DeLuca to Humboldt Hot Air for The Hum > Radio to Listen to Swedish Music!

Bob Doran is a well known photographer and writer in Humboldt County, California, who also does some DJing with Humboldt Hot Air. Thanks to the Playhouse Arts 501(c)(3) non-profit, Humboldt Hot Air hosts over 60 DJs who broadcast from the Creamery District in Arcata, CA. I love listening to HHA as I'm always looking for commercial free content. Anyone can listen to HHA anywhere in the world on their website, which is great because I'm currently traveling abroad to Sweden!

I'm going to miss seeing Bob Doran taking pictures in Humboldt's happening places, he's always carrying good vibrations out into the community. Bob Doran is one of the familiar faces we love in Humboldt County, who wrote for both the Times Standard and the North Coast Journal as well as various other publications such as The Arcata Union. When Bob and I saw each other at the Arcata Plaza many months ago, he invited me to potentially join him on the radio to discuss Arcata's Gateway Area Plan.

Life got ahead of us and then took some unexpected turns. I don't believe neither of us, or anyone really, saw what was coming. When Garth Culti Vader passed away in February, it took Humboldt County by surprise and stirred the pot of emotions, all of us knowing that life seems to be changing around town. At Garth's Celebration of Life ceremony, that's when Bob and I met again and I told him I'd be leaving for Sweden. It served as another opportunity for us to meet, as Bob Doran often features International music on Humboldt Hot Air.

Anthony DeLuca giving omage to Garth Culti Vader
Photo by Bob Doran at Garth Culti Vader's celebration of life ceremony on March 19th, 2024

Bob Doran informed me that he is the photographer who took the iconic photo of Garth Culti Vader throwing his arms up with tats proudly displayed. We discussed a bit about how we knew and respected Garth, and then Bob invited me to share some music with him on Humboldt Hot Air during his show: The Hum > Radio generally heard on Thursday's between 1-3PM. I'm truly grateful to have had this opportunity to share my story with one of Humboldt's brightest, while honoring Garth Culti Vader who is one of my favorite artists.

I made a playlist of tunes heard while hanging out with my Swedish sweetheart. Swedish music can be a bit folk-like, beautiful and sad almost romantic in it's way. I also added one of my favorite Garth Culti Vader tracks that happens to be very synchronous with my unfolding journey, and Bob added a few of Garth's recent tunes too. It's sad that Garth is no longer with us, but I'm still thankful to have had the chance to hold space in the studio at Humboldt Hot Air sharing music and explaining more about where I'm going and why.

Listen to Bob Doran and I right here on this page, through the Mixcloud player below..

Humboldt Hot Air is full of variety, as a locally run non-profit radio outlet HHA is an asset and I'd like to make a few mentions before wrapping this post up. First of all, if you're a DJ you're welcome to host your own show at the station! HHA is in it's early stages and they are offering locals to get involved in various ways. It's an exciting time for HHA as they're accepting donations to help their station go live, not only online but on the actual radio!

As a part of Arcata Playhouse Arts non-profit, all donations are tax deductible and appreciated by the Humboldt community!

It's my pleasure to share stories about local programs such as Humboldt Hot Air and the Arcata Playhouse Arts 501(c)(3) Non-Profit. I'm giving thanks to Bob Doran for inviting me onto his show, and to everyone involved with the radio station. HHA is creating a valuable space for our community to amplify it's diverse taste and happening vibes! Thank you for reading about productive interests at Rhapsodic Global, please make a point to browse Humboldt Hot Air's Linktree to discover all the great things culminating there. Humboldt County, you're awesome, remember that! I’ll see you again in the near-future, I am sure.

RIP Garth Culti Vader May 17th, 1978 - February 14th, 2024 (Read his obituary at the LCO)

Garth Cultivader RIP Obituary Lost Coast Outpost

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Thanks for another uplifting blog! Always a pleasure to read your blogs! They always bring a smile to my face about the little pieces of goodness in this world.

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