This page covers some basic information about our vetting process, we're grateful for your interest in becoming a Connector with Rhapsodic Global. 

     Connectors are allowed access to publish content to our blog feed, along with having their own blog category and corresponding custom webpage. Spaces will be limited, for various reasons regarding our site mission and verification of trust. We must conduct a vetting process to assure our Connector's authenticity and alignment with our site mission. 
     The following page will be our forums where you can introduce yourself to our network, and practice sharing productive interest with our site by adding content to the forums. You will be instructed to sign into Wix Forums, but this is just for using the forums and commenting on our sites blog post. When and if you are granted Connector access to our site, it will be after the vetting process. 
     Everyone who believes in Rhapsodic Global sincerely thanks you for showing an interest in writing with our network, we can define a new advertising paradigm by working together. We hope you find our forums fun, and appreciate you taking the time to add content to our site. Chances are that if you love completing the tasks listed in our forum, you will be a great Connector! 
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Social Advertising Network Sharing Productive Interests



Rhapsodic Global is campaigning to become an Association, all of our connections and connectors work independently, our network is donation based.

If you have any questions or comments about our policies, or if you would like us to update information we have about you or your preferences, please email: