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This page covers some basic information about our vetting process, we're grateful for your interest in becoming a Connector with Rhapsodic Global. 

     Connectors are allowed access to publish content to our blog feed, along with their own blog category and corresponding custom webpage. Spaces will be limited for various reasons regarding our site mission, and ability to comprehend the site tools. We must conduct a vetting process to assure our Connector's authenticity and alignment with our site mission. 
     The following page is our forums where you can introduce yourself to our network, and practice sharing productive interest by adding content to the forums. Once you sign up; you can write your first self-promotion on your profile, promote yourself and your connections in the forums, and post in various groups/social interactive aspects of the site.

     Everyone who believes in Rhapsodic Global sincerely thanks you for showing an interest in writing with our network. Your participation in the forums will encourage others to promote themselves here as well. This type of effort can be very fulfilling as it encourages productivity, connection, and community. We can discover a new advertising paradigm together by supporting independence.

     We hope you find our website to be fun and inspiring, and we appreciate you taking the time to get involved with our network. We're pumped to blow people's minds with our vetted approach. We may even be the first advertising website that doesn't promote spam or scams! There is a place for nearly anyone in our network, but not everyone will finish the vetting process. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued determination..
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