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Humboldt County

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Connecting With Humboldt County, California.

​ I am a Humboldt County transplant, moving here at 12 years old from Los Angeles. My life in Humboldt started with a wake up call. I learned quickly that I can be myself without being ridiculed for it. In fact, of all the places I had moved before, Humboldt is the first place it felt more socially acceptable to show vulnerability than not.

By the time I became an "adult" I had been nearly spoiled by all the freedom that we enjoy in Northern California. It's easy to feel like you're dreaming when there are giant Redwood Trees along beaches and rivers, groups of smiling friends you see enough to call family, and access to fresh food.

I found peace here, out in the forest while watching the slow movement of life giving waters and natural wonder. The rain and mild temperature allowed me to slow myself down, and find joy in the simple things life has to offer. The blessings of abundance showed me healthy lifestyle habits, and the veil of the Redwood Curtain kept me safe from the corporate state.

Things are changing as they often do, Humboldt County faces the oncoming onslaught of cannabis legalization, mostly because cannabis has been traditionally grown here for decades. We've been lucky enough to preserve natural beauty a friendly small businesses community thus far. My hope is that we can find ways to flourish with the changes that occur.

My personal goal is to help preserve and share the values I've been raised with here, while showing other parts of the world what I believe makes where I come from great. Humboldt County has greatly inspired me to create Rhapsodic Global, by showing me what a supportive community looks like. Whether it's farming, surfing, arts, environmentalism, science, trade skills, the simple respecting of space, or various mind bending forms of expression, we've got so many good things to share in Northern California.

Northern California represents community, sovereignty, peace, respect, pride, creativity, the preservation of nature, freedom of expression, plus so much more. Look at the Northern California Community Page to see more blogs about things happening here, and please get involved by allowing Rhapsodic Global to share your productive interest. Please consider making your home more beautiful with Northern California's example, and pay a visit sometime.

Some of my lovely friends!

This blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!

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