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Peace Sign Fractal by Anthony DeLuca (Rhapsodic Global logo)

The "Peace Sign Fractal" was created to invite peace into our lives, as one thing expressing and experiencing itself every way possible.

A “Fractal” is a pattern that occurs naturally, which can be self replicating such as the “Star of David” seen below. You will see that you can draw Stars of David out of the Star of David symbol practically forever.

The Star of David is well known as a religious symbol associated with Judaism, but how many know that it qualifies as a fractal? Or that many cultures and ideologies utilize illustrations of various fractal patterns throughout human history? There are many examples including the "Marndlebrought" "Flower of Life" etc.

If you’ve never thought about fractals, don’t worry. It wasn’t until 1975, that Benoit Mandelbrot affirmed centuries of research into self replicating patterns by coining the term "fractal." Mandelbrot’s own definition of fractal is taunting even, "Beautiful, damn hard, increasingly useful. That's fractals."

Check out our Peace Sign Fractal our logo designed by Anthony DeLuca, and please tell us what you think!?

Make sure to check out the Mission page on our website, thank you!

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