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Chapman's Gem and Mineral Shop, Fortuna, CA

Chapman's Gem and Mineral Shop has been around since 1963, featuring an assortment of treasures from around the world - including jewelry, fossils, gems, minerals, petrified woods; a variety of types and sizes of all interesting stones & the like. I have always thought stones make great gifts, and just so happens that Chapman's will pay your sales taxes until Christmas.

Located off of highway 101 Fortuna, Chapman's Gem and Mineral Shop is in an iconic location letting you know you've made it to Northern Humboldt. If you're like me living closer to Humboldt bay, the trip south is definitely worth it. You will be delighted to spectate the large museum and gallery which are both separate from the store, where you can find treasures of your own to gift and keep.

I introduced myself to Matt and Christy, who were warm and welcoming enough to allow me to share this promo with you. I took some pictures from around the shop, but left a lot of impressive shots behind because I really think it's worth the visit. I also took the opportunity to learn about rock hounding as I've heard it been called. Turns out Matt is big on mineralogy, and can answer most any questions anyone has.

I learned that they have a lot of different specimens, and varieties of quality/types of rocks from different areas of the world. For example, they have finished pendants alongside raw stone for those who wish to polish and craft their own wraps, as well as those who are looking to buy some jewelry. The visit was for me, educational and fun, I definitely reccomend checking them out!

After visiting the shop, I researched a little more online. Chapman's Gem and Mineral Shop is family owned, with high ratings on Trip Advisor, and numerous references online despite not having their own website. I picked one of the articles for you to see yourself. And I am reminding you to see the shop for yourself off of highway 101 below Fortuna, get some gifts for you and yours.

This blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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