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Inviting Global Peace with The Peace Sign Fractal: Hoodies for Sale in Time for Winter

The Peace Sign Fractal,

It's really a simple idea and design, one that's always been based in some motivation to help the world at large. In the year 2011, I was getting my new-age on looking into some sacred geometry and pondering the infinitely expansive being that we sometimes call "God." I had heard of an idea that if there were only one particle in all of existence, it could theoretically move fast enough to be in two places at once because there would be nothing else to slow it down.

Nearly intangible but if everything were to actually be only one thing, the same thing experiencing and expressing itself every way possible; we would all be unique versions of "The One" thing. Fractals are also self replicating by design, and illustrations of fractals have permeated our world cultures for much of human history in many various shapes and forms. In a previous blog about the Peace Sign Fractal I highlight the Star of David as a great example of what a fractal is, click here to see that blog or continue on..

The peace sign fractal was created to be an invitation for peace, even before Rhapsodic Global had ever been conceptualized I was sharing this image with friends and family. It starts out as one peace sign, then two more beam up from the top of the first pyramid, then four and then eight theoretically going on forever. I love it when people point out the different things they see in the design, and I have a few favorites that I'll save for another blog. For now I can tell you that I bought the Eco-Hoodie and it is very comfortable.

Teespring states that for every Eco-Hoodie sale they make a donation to environmental non-profit organizations. The material is enzyme washed to reduce environmental impact, giving the sweater a nice soft feel to the fabric. While I will say the printing job isn't amazing, it does add a nice touch to our already imperfect logo. On that note I will also state that the prayer behind what the peace sign fractal represents is what's important to me, and also to show that all art is worth appreciating even if it is "low quality," our distinct logo has a magic of it's own.

You can help us promote peace by joining our network and sharing your business or art project, or by becoming a connector and helping us share productive interest stories about your connections and communities. I'd like to offer something material to anyone that wants to support our cause, so I created a Teespring store where I will add peace sign fractal designs to a small amount of products. Please consider buying something from this store to show your support towards Rhapsodic Global, and to help us invite peace into the one!

It's starting to get cold so don't hesitate to get some sweaters for yourself and loved ones, all of the support is greatly appreciated!


Anthony DeLuca

The Peace Sign Fractal was created by Anthony DeLuca of, this blog was written by Anthony DeLuca and donated to! All items available in Teespring store were designed by Anthony DeLuca, all proceeds go directly towards his efforts to build this network!


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