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Jamie Wolf presents Tourettes Without Regrets in Humboldt County. (18+)

I definitely do not regret supporting this show, a circus poetry slam burlesque rap battle with audience inclusive contest such as pants-less musical chairs - by the name of Tourettes Without Regrets in Humboldt County. Hosted by Film Producer Jamie Dewolf who says he was born here in Eureka, and moved to Oakland where he along with people he calls family started Tourettes Without Regrets as a community slam poetry open mic scene. The Tourettes Without Regrets show is an evolution of spontaneity, comedy, circus, burlesque, and expression, all fostering multidimensional group interaction that really drives the point of the whole show.

If I were to extrapolate, based on subtle and direct cues from the host and cast - they want us the audience to actively engage our reality with the expression of our choice, as opposed to being a voyeur in our own lives. I fully endorse this concept personally, which is why I signed up to be a part of the rap battle despite not being an insult oriented person. As I took a gander at the sign up list, Asher approached me enthusiastically. I told him I intended to sign up, that I heard good things about the show. With a welcoming smile, he explained to me that they encourage the rap battles because it opens a dialogue for healing our diversity.

When it came time to battle, Asher kindly introduced me to my opponent B-Nasty. He told me about the show in Oakland, and invited me on the guest list for participating in the battle. I look forward to the experience, and blogging about that too as well as getting to know the Tourettes Without Regrets family. I strongly suggest you like their Facebook Page, and go to the show every first Thursday of the month you're in Oakland, CA. Jamie Dewolf does a great job hosting this event, and I am now a fan which you likely will be too after seeing some of his work on his website. We started with a few of his short films, check them out.

I definitely consider this an 18 years and older event, but anyone of any age may find the experience obscure. It was hard for me to take my eyes off of the show, most of the time, which is why I'm not going to post any footage of the event and just suggest you see for yourselves. I also want to thank all of the artist and people responsible for helping bring the show to Humboldt County, CA. This was a great experience, and I'm glad I was able to participate. If you must know I was eliminated in the first round of the rap battle, though I thought I had him for a second.

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Anthony DeLuca


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