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Karen Melinee Invites us To Be and Feel Our Best through Restorative Wellness Practices - Offerings

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Karen Melinee and I met years ago during an AromaTouch Essential Oil Workshop organized by our mutual friend, Alicia Hashem. Our paths proved to be interlaced as time went on, we began catching up fairly often over walks and the occasional coffee. Karen is a great person because she is open, sincere, and honest. I've always known her to maintain healthy practices such as a good diet, and making time for self care.

When the pandemic impacted all of our social routines, Karen decided to offer her yoga classes on Zoom so that others can learn from the comfort of their homes. The pandemic has been really hard for people everywhere and health seems to be a center theme in all of this. Karen's service to others during this hard time is to help create a space for healing and restoration, reminding us all to breathe and stay balanced.

I'm proud to promote sharing Karen's offerings along with her bio and a sign up form; her offerings include language translation, nutritional balance counseling, reflexology, guided mediation and breathwork, empowerment counseling, and free online restorative yoga classes. Karen is also teaching locally at the Movewell in Arcata, every Tuesday at 7:30PM - for a $10 drop in fee.

Karen's online yoga class is rejuvenating. Being able to follow the exercises on my computer allowed for me to dance as if no one else is in the room. Probably for the first time ever, I was really able to feel the oxygen from each breathe as it circulated through different areas of my body. I found new awareness during Karen Melinee's online yoga class, thanks to her direct and polite teaching style I truly felt restored.

Karen invites us to consider how our breath plays into our posture and movement, and shows how becoming conscious of breath helps center awareness. At times the stretches were challenging, but I could feel the exercise activating my body while also helping it heal. Both strengthening and stretching at the same time, for the next few days I felt joy in my muscle memory. I can definitely see myself taking Karen Melinee's yoga classes again.

I consider Karen to be a healthy person, and I'm glad to know that she's willing to share her healthy habits with others. I am especially grateful to help spread the word for anyone that can benefit through promoting Karen's webpage. I encourage anyone to sign up for yoga on her page, and if there's any of her offerings that sound interesting to you, Karen is professional and talented I highly recommend you inquire within!

Karen tells me that most of her participants are long time guest to her class, and friends. She often gave us a choice between stretches that were more challenging, or restorative and relaxing. Karen's class is great for anyone who's ready to practice restoring balance in the temple of their body, mind, and heart. I think any level of experienced yogi will find Karen's yoga classes to be nice and well worth a donation!

Sign up at to receive Karen's weekly zoom invites, and updates!

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