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March Forward: Why can't I share my story? Moe Factz with Adam Curry - Tribute to American History

  • When Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys is confronted over a picture of himself present during the despicable hazing of the Little Rock 9, outside of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, 9/4/1957.

  • Moe Factz uses the story to illuminate several points about US culture including sports entertainment, media practices, state vs federal politics, and racial relations in US History.

  • Jerry Jones claims he was thinking about the trouble his football coach would give him for being present that day, and Moe Factz gives an educated guess as to why.

  • Moe Factz analyzes media related to and personal descriptions of the desegregation era in US history, showing that media promotes oppositional narratives often with an agenda whatever that may be.

  • Describing the potential motives of Federal Lawmakers who pushed for desegregation, and analyzing the actual human impact, we learn about Darwinian eugenics..

  • Moe Factz and Adam Curry provide the balance of perspectives needed to analyze and overcome the adversarial programming that's become so rampant in the media today.

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Last month, February was National Black History Month in the United States. I felt the presentation below offered a unique and thorough look into Black History in the US, and that Moe Factz makes some points that are still relevant to the future of all people in the US today. I appreciate Moe Factz with Adam Curry because together, they present us with knowledge about our world that you'll never hear from your normal sponsored programming.

March Forward..

With respects to the legacy of Malcolm X, Moe Factz and Adam Curry have open and honest conversations about life in the United States, 'bringing the issues out from under the table so that we can finally solve the problem.' This is a value for value podcast; meaning the show is produced primarily by the listeners who donate time, treasure, and talent. Moe Factz is a talented analyst turned businessman, and Adam Curry is well known in podcasting for inventing the medium with Dave Winer in 2004.

This particular episode is personal for Moe as he loves sports, and clearly he see's how the world of sports entertainment is still carrying on the US tradition of exploitation. Epsiode 88: Business Decision - Moe Factz with Adam Curry left me with a greater awareness regarding the adversarial nature of programming in media culture. Whether your a sports fan or not is not the point, the information here is relatable to anyone especially in the United States.

Moe Factz with Adam Curry provides listeners with the awareness needed to overcome divisive programming. The information is thoroughly analyzed by Moe Factz, appropriately scrutinized by Adam Curry, and highly relatable to the listener. Conversations between Moe and Adam enlighten us to the truth about division in the US, who's perpetuating it and what we should know for the future. As Moe Factz always likes to remind us, "Pay attention to everything and the truth will reveal itself."

Enjoy the show!

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