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My First Experience in Film - Meal Ticket Production Update

Filming is still considered an essential business in California. That being said I had to get a covid test before coming down to film with Deon the Director, cast and crew. I will say that being in a setting where there is a lot of activity, it did feel good to know we were being safe with our masks and random temperature checks. .

This was my second time visiting Deon the Director's house, and the vibe was much different now that it was time to film. I honestly didn't expect the long nights and early mornings though I believe I was warned. We managed to get a lot of filming done in the few days I was there, but I believe they were going for 8 days straight!

I no longer see videos the same way since learning a little about what it takes to film, especially noting camera angles and lighting. But good news! I was able to remember all my lines, and get through my scene without frustrating anyone. It was a lot of fun playing my role and I'm looking forward to seeing how I look on camera.

During our first rehearsal in person, I honestly had to laugh because of the peculiarity of acting face to face. The filming of my scene only took about 45 minutes though half of that time was spent getting set up, I imagine it helped that we all did a good job. Deon would later tell me that my performance was adequate even for a major film gig, I'm stoked.

This production would be considered indie. Deon the Director as our leader holds the vision and knowhow to put all the pieces together, though he would remind us that we are a small team of independent contractors coming together to share our skills. And Deon definitely put together a great team, I had a ton of fun and learned a lot.

It really was an honor getting to meet everybody, all of our personalities and skills combined for an awesome experience. I was able to witness magic in the making while making new connections. Seeing everybody keeping each other in good spirits really made me think about the kind of people I want around me, positive present and focused.

Deon has the footage and is in the process of editing, all of us have filmed our parts and fulfilled our roles. We are all adjusting back into our lives knowing that at any moment we could receive good news about this project. For those who are anticipating the premier of Meal Ticket, I suggest you check out these offers in exchange for your support.

Participating in this production was good for me, I intend on continuing to develop an interest in film by documenting more and more of my work as I prepare to get involved with more projects. Keep an eye out for promotions sharing Deon the Director, and keep tuning in because sooner or later we'll be telling you when and where to watch Meal Ticket!

This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!


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