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Nobody Said It'd Be Easy

In fact, this morning Jamie said "It's never easy." He was talking about how there are always obstacles and problems along the way. It's often hard to stay focused in the face of adversity. The persistent response to this truth is what defines successful people in my opinion. Napoleon Hill also speaks about the importance of persistence when it comes to creating the fruition of our goals.

Napoleon Hill also speaks about the importance of note taking. Indeed it helps us to write our task down prior to accomplishing them. When you're doing something you believe in, you could be having a hard time and still know it is what you want. I believe with a little focus, we can break through all obstacles and prevail. Each task in our note pad is just another step to take.

Another of my favorite quotes in reference to persistence is that "Momentum is a problem solver" by Tony Robbins. We stand to reason that how we address failures will determine how we find success. When seeing a problem it is helpful to move forward without hesitation, because as Tony says a train in motion blows through brick walls while a train that stops and goes will get held up on a dime.

One of the biggest challenges so far is staying hydrated, but the last picture will show me 'glamping' and all the plants look great. We're getting plenty done all in baby steps like it should be. Starting a new business is often difficult, but it feels good when you can end the day knowing you're making progress. It's also good starting the day on schedule, we've got a lot of prep to do for the next big task.

I've got a few pictures to illustrate the beauty of Eastern Tennessee. Some things a picture doesn't do justice, like the lightning and fireflies present every night this week. There are so many bugs out here, but at the risk of jinxing myself I'll tell ya I have zero mosquito or tick bites. People out here like to tell jokes, and Rascal the kitten is fun.

Thanks for reading about my progress in Eastern Tennessee. I look forward to putting together the Community page soon when I have access to a computer. I'm also planning on putting a link to donate to the development of this farm, along with a short list of things they need, if permitted. I'm dancing a fine line between not oversharing, and writing a good story about the development of this CBD hemp farm - by my own choice.

After our meeting tomorrow, I'll hopefully be sharing some tips and tricks to help others, as well as some request for help. We'll see how the farm feels about my thoughts on this. They're doing a good job, it feels like the state of Tennessee is in its baby stages of legalization but I remember the whole country legalized CBD Hemp so its bigger than that even. This is history in the making..

Enjoy the pictures below!

Anthony DeLuca


BTC address coming soon..

Haha, things are great out here, even when life is hard it is still great when you count your blessings.


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