Perception is Key

This blog is a rewrite from a Desert Hearts event that I went to in 2014, a very sentimental piece for me.

This print above was given to me by Sunshine Ray, a bright eyed smiley man with no shirt that I met in the middle of a fantastic party in the desert! One of the few prints I picked up from Ray, and then gifted to my family. This American Flag became a wedding gift to my uncle and his wife, where it remains posted in their house today!

In the year 2014, another close friend of mine named Max invited me to Desert Hearts in Apple Valley, California. Just so happened the event would be close in proximity, both in timing and distance to my uncle's wedding - one of our very rare family gatherings. Needless to say I was stoked, and planning on being there.

I had just recently began working on Rhapsodic Global, only knowing so far that I was going to follow my heart in this venture to create a space for us to celebrate our passions together. Desert Hearts happens to be composed of a team of friends who decided to follow their passion for creating incredible events, so I had to see!

I had already seen the DH crew in Los Angeles at an event called Sunday Service before that, introduced by another friend named Reggie as Tropical Hearts Crew. I was there assisting Reggie with his House of Hooligans record painting jam. Reggie was also there when I originally met Max at Lightning in a Bottle 2012, I had gone with my amazing Humboldt friends to meet a woman I was deeply in love with who introduced us.

Wandering away from the group during one of our dance sessions, I bumped into Max making wire wraps and we went off on an adventure where he introduced me to some of his wonderful friends. Every experience I've had with all of the people I just mentioned, named and unnamed, have all been magical beyond belief at times.

Back to 2014, it was an interesting turning point in my life as I was having a hard time finding anyone to cover my shifts, but wasn't giving up. I had to make a difficult decision, and I quit my job putting in my two weeks notice right before leaving to Southern California for Desert Hearts and the Family Wedding.

I had this notion that I could use a small $5k inheritance to quit my job and start a social networking business online, which is literally laughable now. I'll be writing about budgeting next with more from that story, but I made my way to see my family and then drove my aunties van to the party in the middle of the desert.

When I arrived, Max greeted me at the gate and showed me where to park. Max was there to spin fire and I was there to be his assistant! He gave me a copper wrapped piece of sun bleached quartz that he made himself, a very conductive piece that affirmed the bright and intense energy I identified with then and many times in my life.

The party was amazing, Desert Hearts really deserves a dedicated blog of their own, they really know how to dazzle using that vibrant energy to spread loving ideals and thoughtful reminders. There were different sections to this festival, complete with camping, a bumping wild stage, arts and recreation, beautiful people everywhere, it's an experience worth having for sure.

Little did I know I was about to have a life changing experience, after my first tour of the entire festival.. I had somehow lost the keys to my aunties van! I was not sure when or where I lost the keys; all I knew then was that my phone was nearly dead, I didn't know where I was, and the family wedding was the next day.

Once I noticed the keys were gone, I had to act fast retracing my steps back everywhere I had already been that day. This was a fairly large event and the night was still young. It was before sundown actually when I began searching without a clue or any luck. I walked all over meeting people and asking if they had seen my keys.

I still wanted to have a good time, so I would make small talk along the way trying to be more than just some guy stressing over his lost keys. A few times I was told to find an organizer named Perception, she would be able to help me they said. I never did meet the person, but finding perception is what blew my mind in the end.

At some point someone was telling me about the Holy Trinity, how spirit exist in all things, you could find me later on asking a plant if it knew where my keys were. I probably met a dozen or more amazing people including Sunshine Ray who's print is still with my family. Still I was beginning to feel stuck in the dark, cold desert.

Finally a little luck, the trunk of my aunties van was unlocked and I was able to find a random blanket to keep warm. By morning I was beginning to worry, even using the rest of my cell phone battery to call my family and tell them I basically didn't know if I would ever make it out of where ever I was.

I remember walking down to the gate security where I began, the sun was rising and the party still alive. Coming full circle I was told once again, "Find Perception, she usually checks in with everybody and would probably know if anyone found your keys."

As I walked down the road I knew there was only a few hours left before the wedding. I thought to myself in a sleepless haze (remember I was talking to plants earlier), "Where is this Perception anyway? Who is she, and how can I find her? What if really I just need to find a different 'perception' of this situation?"

Sure I was worried about the van and missing out on the wedding, letting my family down and maybe even pissing off my auntie. But when you know there's nothing you can do, well my mind was beginning to open up as I thought to myself.. Really all in all I wasn't having a bad time, there was music and arts and all sorts of wonders.

I started thinking to myself that everything had happened, I was meeting all the people I needed to meet and having all the experiences I needed to have. I decided that I really had no way of understanding why things turn out the way they do sometimes, and that no matter what happened next I was grateful for the experience.

It was about noon by then, let's call it 11:11AM for fun, and I was proud of this profound conclusion to my all nighter search party. So I went back to Max who had been sleeping, I wanted to tell him what happened and how I was making peace with my situation. What happened next is like I mentioned earlier, almost unbelievable.

I get back to Max's tent as he is just waking up, and I said to him everything I just said above about finding a better perception of my reality than merely being stranded. By the time I finished telling the story, someone I had met earlier in the night was walking up to me with the keys in his hand saying, "Are these your keys?"

Blown away not even sure if I could believe my eyes I said thank you, hugged my friends, and hit the road! Somewhat remembering how to get to the nearby Walmart, I followed my sense of direction there where I raced to get a phone charger, and then I drove around the parking lot until my phone turned on to call my family.

After making a few phone calls, I figured out where I needed to be plugged into the maps, got there got dressed and made it to the wedding with two minutes to spare! I literally went from giving up to cheerful acceptance, back into emergency go mode, and then triumphantly arriving on time to celebrate love with my family.

I still remember watching the wind picking up little leaves and sparkly looking particulates into the air while the minister read about God, so grateful to see my family getting bigger with great faith in my heart. I knew then as I know now that whatever this life seems to be about, it seems to be about as magical as I can allow myself to believe it.

A lot has happened since then, I'm grateful to reminisce as I wander the desert once again. I've seen Rhapsodic Global pick up in momentum with networking events and even influencing large projects. I've gotten to know success and failure, numerous times, both my own and that of others.

I've had people tell me this idea validated their existence, or get so excited they began calling me to share their ideas. I've been told I would be risking my livelihood by trying to create peace and prosperity in a world obsessed with war, warned or thanked for doing so. Some have expressed a respect for the design and threatened to compete, while others didn't say anything at all, and many said they didn't even understand what I'm doing.

I've felt it all and kept my belief strong through the years.

As I come to terms with who I am and my commitments, I understand now that it really is important to find my ideal perception of any given situation. I may not be able to control events and circumstances around me, but I can keep a positive attitude and stay focused on appreciating the journey as it unfolds. I always find a way as long as I don't give up, in that awareness I am fully capable.

I don't know exactly how my plans will turn out, but it brings me peace of mind to know that I am fully committed to discovering where this all goes. It's taken many failures to recognize what it is I need to do, and I don't imagine everything will be perfect from here on. But at least I have this reminder to determine a perception that opens up doors and leaves room for miracles.

From this space of commitment I will cultivate the state of mind that breeds success!

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