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Saturday Market with the North Coast Growers' Association, Arcata, CA

Saturday's in Arcata California are worth looking forward to, with farmers market happening year round on the plaza in the middle of town. Farmers from different parts of Humboldt county come to meet their community, and provide fresh food as well as artisan crafts foods and such. People get to enjoy buying direct from the farmers and vendors, while seeing friends and hearing live music.

There are people dancing, sharing their crafts and flow toys, the market provides hula hoops for kids, and a variety of delight for your senses. You will often see people juggling, doing acro-yoga, and just relaxing with a smile on their face. The North Coast Growers' Association boast bringing Humboldt County's best bands to Arcata Markets, and this week they hosted The Bump Foundation.

I've had the pleasure of Connecting with the North Coast Farmers Association in the past, and I happen to work with one of the farms they host. I think collectives such as NCFA, and Humboldt Music, are the future of Rhapsodic Global. Make sure to see both of their websites, and go to Arcata Farmers' Market this Saturday to get fresh food, and enjoy the vibes!

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