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Spontaneity for 420 at Infuzions! Arcata 4/20/2022 & Promotion for Earth Day Event Happening Now!

The Humboldt County many of us know and love from over the years of being here is still alive and well at Humboldt Infuzions! I'm honored that Jen invited me to come play a tribute for the Cannabis Holiday known as 420, and to give salute to our Drug War Veterans. This is just the beginning for me, as far as my effort to help the Cannabis cause. I finally got my gimble, and while this first "commercial" isn't very well filmed or even thought through...

I think the quality of picture, the vibe, the original chulament song, who's going to complain about my first free form video production! If anyone wants to contribute or get involved with our series, please stop in at! Humboldtians are invited to Infuzions for the Plaza Earth Day Event! See the post below for more information, their store is definitely worth checking out for the beautiful local and healthy flare!

This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be promoted on!


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