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The Song that Started it all, Rhapsodic Global!

In the Summer of 2013 I started writing about business while I was doing an internship with a cannabis dispensary, and then while taking some business classes at the College of The Redwoods I started writing a song. This song I wrote, Rhapsodic Global took me over 8 months of time to finally finish writing/recording. February 3rd, 2014 marks 12 years in Humboldt and the beginning of Rhapsodic Global! After all this time has passed, I still believe more than ever that what we're doing here is a solution to many of today's issues.

I was practicing the other night, just having fun really, and I got to talking after performing this verse for the camera. My phone stopped recording it and told me "Maximum recording time for video reached," or something like that. Thankfully I had made my point, and after watching it now I was wondering whether I should put this on the home page or in a blog post? Here it is, should be a fun listen for anyone who appreciates these high quality content low quality production moments that seem to make up my entire production career thus far.

Thank you for supporting Rhapsodic Global with your thoughts, your attention, and sometimes even your generosity or genuine enthusiasm. I hope you enjoy the video above, and if you'd like to hear the song from back when it was produced, here it is below! Also, I may have been wrong to say that isoTope is making music even though he says he isn't, that was more of a philosophical stance than fact, lol... Besides that I lay down a snippet of my ideal vision for the only way a one world government would ever maybe work, right before getting cut off!


This Thoughts & Blogs post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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