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Rhapsodic Global Connectors (Recruitment & Vetting Group)

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You are invited here because you've been recognized as a Connector; as someone who generally supports and promotes their friends arts and services. We're all here together because we believe in (site mission) creating a common interest in each others' success. Not all Connectors will be given access to publish on our site blog feeds though anyone here can post in this group, the forums, and/or their profile. Those who show up, who are sincerely aligned with our site mission and presently participating will be given access to post in our site blog feeds. We're all here to discuss how we can best promote our communities within the realms of our site mission.

With our site mission as the fundamental reason for being here; we can observe the following that we will attempt to be supportive, and solution oriented with the content we donate. We are each responsible for our own business and reputation, and our connections/promotions will reflect upon us an individuals. We will also be getting to know each other while working together. All of that being said, there really are no rules as to what where and how often we promote on the site as long as we do not promote divisive content. There are site sections and considerations to make for controversial subjects, and we will respect the site mission by remaining inclusive and supportive to the common wealth health and happiness.

Thank you for being here!

signed, Anthony DeLuca


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  • February 2, 2022


  • Anthony DeLuca

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