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What I've Learned from Starting a Business

Why Would Anyone Want To Start A Business?

Many people have a gift/talent/service/idea/opportunity to share, and in my opinion they should! Starting a business can be symbolic of a person's ability to create independence for themselves, and their ability to help others. It can also be a tedious and enduring task that really test a person's will power.

I want to invite myself and others to discover each challenge a mere step along the journey. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu Here are a few reasons a person might want to start a business:

  • One may see life as an endeavor, where time is a valuable asset worth investing in talents and hobbies.

  • There may be a specific idea or calling that fits the nature of purpose.

  • Starting a business may seem necessary to a person who already feels they are providing a service, or managing their own personal business productively.

  • Often times people feel starting a business is their chance to do a certain thing the way they'd like to see it done.

  • Many people grow tired of employment, wish to create their own schedule, and be their own boss in a sense.

Starting a business can be a personal investment in ones responsibility

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the amount of time spent, money, physical labor, and cognitive effort that may be required to create a business. If you choose to use a "DBA"(Doing Business As) business name or pursue a trade that requires licensing, be ready to keep record of all the rules and policies involved including fees and taxes. There may be a great deal of planning and necessary action, for you to start, depending on the goals of your business.

Goal setting can be a lot of fun, and even more fun to carry out.

No two business plans would look entirely the same, because nearly anything can be turned into a profitable business. Imagine organizing a plan to sell art throughout the summer while traveling and attending music festivals. After choosing which festivals you would attend, and investing in booth space, you could bring a few friends and enjoy the festivals while also earning income.

Now imagine growing organic food, suppose you already have access to land and water. You're still going to need to buy fertilizers, numerous tools and supplies, prepare the land, plant the seeds, then actively steward your plants. All while networking with farmers markets and stores to sell your product, seeking help from people you may need to train/pay, and keeping record of accounting for various reasons including taxes.

Persistence, and tenacity are both valuable assets when it comes to following through with our personal investments. Thankfully the returns match the lengths of our imagination, the time we spend determines our "interest rates," and we get to choose our destiny to an extent. Success will always be in the eye of the beholder, and everyone ultimately determines their own business, but I'd like to believe business is about helping people.

Business is interwoven into everything we experience on a daily basis.

This blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!

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