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Across Communities

There are many reasons why people do the things they do. Whether those reasons are obvious or not, we can always benefit from learning why and sharing our stories. When sharing productive interest across communities, we're facilitating an exchange of ideas that creates more opportunities and solutions for all who are willing to learn and collaborate together. We would like to create a common interest in each others success by seeing each culture as it is symbolic caricature of our triumph and adversity, and learning together.

Much in the same way each person is unique, each community has it's own stories that make the presiding culture what it is. One community might have already solved a problem another community is currently dealing with. In that case it would be an honor to share the story that inspires the next solution. I aspire to traverse borders meeting people and seeing new things as I go. I would like to be able to contribute to the development of each community by sharing their productive interest here for each to witness the other.

As our network grows, our world will grow with it, like a formula for world peace we can create a common interest in each others success here on the internet. Naturally our process involves getting to know connections for what they love to do, verifying the story is real and sharing it here. As we do this, there is no question we will be learning about a variety of different ideas. Connector's can grow to be multi talented, experienced, and seasoned human beings who get to see so much through supporting their connections.

Connector work is very rewarding, even when everything is done for free or by donation it feels very good to experience another persons passion. It is a great feeling knowing there are people who have and do feel inspired by what we're doing here with Rhapsodic Global. If you're motivated to help our network grow, we could really use your help. Not only would I be happy to show you how you can run your own independent freelance business writing with us, but the work we do brings a positive impact and that is important.

Sharing productive interest across communities exposes different parts of the world to each other for trade, inspiration, and travel. Connecting people over a common interest in each others' success creates mutual benefit, opportunity, and great stories. As we vet more connectors, both of these points will compound which I imagine will be really interesting and rewarding for all involved. If you're interest in writing with us, reach out, want to donate to our mission, reach out. Want me to visit your town to share stories about where you're from?

Let's talk asap!

But first before wrapping this blog up, I want to share an example of everything I just wrote up there and how it could work. I can plan, and share another post announcing my interest in visiting Japan. While in Japan I would have a fairly detailed itinerary, at first I wanted to see the Olympics but I'd also like to visit a friend who is a diver and learn about Japanese history and culture. I would set myself on a particular mission to learn about an ancient practice in Japan that may be useful on the North Coast of California, which has a similar climate.

The practice I'd like to learn about is called Diasugi, which is a forestry technique the Japanese use to meet the high demand for their Kitayama Cedar wood. Diasugi allows foresters to harvest much more quickly, and it creates straight dense cedar wood which is great for building. A similar technique is found in ancient Rome, and it blows my mind that we're not doing this here now locally. At the very least I can help inspire more people to discover smart ways to regenerate quality resources, I just may write up a plan and pitch it!

At the very most we could inspire a true cultural revolution. I also want to learn about how the Indigenous cultures of what we now call Northern California built up soil, and lived with the Klamath River. When we start celebrating the productive interest of our local communities, our friends around the world, and whatever peaks our excitement - that's when we start seeing all of the wonderful things about our world thriving as we energize our lives. Please consider helping me get this message across the world, we're ready to return to our human roots!

Thanks for reading about the Rhapsodic Global vision and mission, stay tuned for more I plan on going to LA in the next couple months!

Anthony DeLuca

This blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on free of charge!


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