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AWEsome Business Competition Watch Party, Friday April 24th, 2020 - With Dr PennElys Droz

Hi everyone! I happened to really appreciate a particular point Dr PennElys Droz made in her speech for the AWEsome Business Competition about a month ago. She said, "Relationships are everything." Dr PennElys Droz is a NDN Collective Director of Fellowship & Prize. They're organization, the NDN Collective supports good causes around the world especially of the indigenous cultures. I really enjoyed the speech, and have been looking forward to sharing more info with all of you for a while now!

I'd like to write a more thorough blog about the NDN Collective, and the AWEsome Business Competition in due time. Although I've had trouble connecting with these teams due to Covid-19, I believe. Lucky for all of us, the AWEsome Business Competition is going to be showing Dr PennElys Droz's talk on how "Our Indigenous Nations have a powerful role in the re-creation of economies that honor the life in the Earth and relationships with our lands, waters, and each other."

You can tune in and watch that speech today on Facebook, Friday April 24th at 6PM. I happen to believe that indigenous traditions such as passing knowledge through story telling is exactly what the world needs to regain cohesion in these divisive times. How else could we do the important things like decentralize the power grid and community gardening, other than sharing knowledge through the telling of stories which remind us of our interconnection?

If we must decentralize the power structures that have caused us disparity, we must also remain unified while doing so, and what better way to do it than to reconnect with our roots through a celebration of indigenous culture! Our brothers and sisters need us now more than ever, we are all one human tribe, make sure to tune in to the speech and take some notes if you'd like. You get to enjoy DR. PennElys Droz speaking from the comfort of your own home!

I will do everything I can to get more information from these fine examples of the kinds of projects we need more of. I hope their leaders can also see our network as a worthy example of the world reconnecting. You can also go to the NDN Collective website yourself, they have a lot of information on their project available there. I look forward to connecting with these teams, and forming a relationship with them before reporting back to our readers here.

Thank you for your continued support,

Anthony DeLuca

Below is the poster from the original event where Dr. PennElys Droz did her speech, click the poster and it will take you to the Facebook Watch Party, don't forget to 'set a reminder.'

This promo blog is written and donated,free of charge by Anthony DeLuca of


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