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Controversial Thoughts

It's been a particular stipulation of mine, in order to maintain the integrity of our mission I have asked those who wish to write with Rhapsodic Global not to share divisive content on our site. Our sites mission being to create a common interest in each others' success. Makes sense, right?

Having boundaries is healthy, and communicating boundaries is often necessary as we might step on each other's toes otherwise. A cause sometimes comes into existence as a result of the boundary crossing exploitation of another cause. So I ask, how can we destroy negativity without becoming frustratingly negative ourselves?

The reason I generally try to stay away from politics is the polarized nature of our current political theatre. But I notice myself anxiously expressing my point of view anyway, with some feeling of importance and often regret. We live in truly complex times, and it seems more difficult than ever to find and express information accurately.

I do believe that it is more positive to address divisive topics than it would be to pretend that controversy does not exist. For example there are those who wish to only be positive to a point they ignore real suffering, even when they are indirectly causing or able to stop it, not to say there isn't any value to a positive attitude.

To say that positivity can be toxic and even nonsensical is a controversial thought. Still I imagine I will always do my best to find the neutral positive approach to solving problems. Every situation will require a different perspective, hopefully more people will add their own controversial thoughts & blogs to our network soon enough!

The point of bringing attention to these negative assertions is simple. If we do not allow ourselves the dignity to observe and acknowledge controversy, we risk becoming complicit. So in the pursuit of our mission it becomes important that we create a space to vent our frustrations legitimately, intent on finding a solution.

Sometimes the solution might be only to have expressed the frustration, I know putting my thoughts in writing does wonders for my state of being. Though whenever a controversial thought is shared on Rhapsodic Global, I hope whoever is writing it can be reminded through our mission to find a solution that helps everyone involved.

Thank you for reading,

Anthony DeLuca

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