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Hannah Doherty: Low Energy Neurofeedback System LENS Neurofeedback Specialist in Arcata, CA

Post Author - Anthony DeLuca

LENS Technician - Hannah Doherty

I've had the pleasure of experiencing both childhood and adult trauma, while I won't go into detail I know we've all got our own. I will share that I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid. I've been in a handful of boxing matches, played football, drowned myself in coffee and energy drinks, partied a few days and nights - I've put my brain through a lot in life. Now, possibly unrelated, I've come down with a chronic swelling pain disorder that's been making normal life difficult over the past 5 years.

After many years trying to find the cause of swelling, the situation remains complicated. What started with daily migraines from wake until sleep, focused pain around my temples teeth and jaw, air began forcing it's way through my teeth relieving some of the pressure and baffling over a dozen different doctors. I'm still not 100% sure what's happening but there's a distinct sensation of pressure that's disrupting my concentration, to say the least. I'm dealing with a combination of different maxillofacial issues that persistently affect my mood.

In the process of discovering the cause and coming up with a treatment plan, I've become lucky enough to reconnect with an old friend named Hannah Doherty. Hannah is now a LENS Neurofeedback technician, meaning she knows where and how to apply Low Energy Neurofeedback System signals to produce an effect. In a situation where constant discomfort and pain have me on edge, or for whatever reason I'm not functioning 100%, Hannah is able to see that my brain is in a suppressed state and help me snap out of it..

Hannah can see wave function/formation produced by the brain in relation to where she applies energy, and from that information determine what areas may be functioning more or less. She's able to show me on her computer that I'm in a state of survival mode, knowing this is helping me address and cope with the situation as it pertains to my mental health.. After finding that I'm experiencing a suppressed brain state, my therapist and I could make the comparison between suppression and repression and how it relates to my focus.

People usually seek therapy when some issue is disrupting their life, and that is why I started seeing a therapist to address the stress of a chronic and unidentifiable health issue. In addition to therapy, I've learned that LENS Neurofeedback promotes elasticity and increases cardiovascular flow in the brain; helping people who experience depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, PTSD, autism, sleep issues, addiction, etc. to cope and live a better life. Usually after a session, my senses are heightened and I walk away with a sense of wonder.

Hannah and I discuss how I might be feeling before and after treatment. It's interesting how the LENS makes me feel more connected to my intuition, I feel more decisive. I'll usually feel the initial effects over a couple days which can be a range of things. Over time repeated treatment is helping me feel overall more clear headed and regulated. My brain is beginning to show less suppression. Delivering low energy neurofeedback system signals is helping me regain concentration as the electricity breaks through suppression restoring availability.

When the mind is stressed, which happens to all of us at times, it becomes hard to think! LENS NeuroFeedback works by delivering low energy pulses to specific locations on the nervous system, working out the brain and helping it to self regulate. Hannah Doherty's LENS service is helpful for me as someone healing from trauma and coping with chronic pain. I can also see the experience being interesting for anyone who's looking to get a good healthy buzz, or stimulate the brain.

Book a few sessions to see how LENS can clear the mind and teach us more about ourselves!

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