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My first Live Video Interview Ever by Dianna Hardwick!

Dianna Hardwick is streaming videos and organizing a community of people standing up for our rights at! I appreciate their work and had to tune into see for myself. To my surprise I find Dianna is promoting her connections and communities in the same way I'd define as being a connector! So I commented on her video, and she followed by signing up to be a part of Rhapsodic Global. We are beyond stoked, this interview is the first or second step for us as far as vetting Dianna Hardwick into our network as a Connector!

This match is a no brainer, I had a great time interviewing with Dianna and it was great to meet Sarah Chance and all of their viewers who commented on the show. I am grateful I was able to share a lot about our website, and it was great practice for me to start talking on camera more often. Dianna and I are looking forward to sharing more of her connections here on the site! Dianna does such a great job asking questions and has such a great tenacity about her, she supports local business and is willing to stand up for our freedoms!

I wrote in a promotional blog request form during the interview, but because I had limited information and time I ended up publishing the promotion in our forums. Let this be the official announcement that our forums have been activated for our site guests. Everyone who visits is welcome to view our forums, create their own profile, and promote on the site. Go to the forums to see some posts from others, as well as the write up I mentioned documenting Humboldt parents standing up to unnecessary and dangerous mandates.

Our site may still be a little clunky but we have options for promoting yourself, and your community! All of us together can make this dream real by sharing productive interest! Please enjoy my first interview, and please please please leave me some feedback. I wasn't a very good rapper when I first started, it was people's feedback that helped me get better. Rhapsodic Global was even more confusing in the beginning, it was and still is feedback that helps us become even better, so leave a comment or sign up and introduce yourself!

This Promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!


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