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Request for Support/Donations - The Plan to Move Forward Obtaining Grants to Promote Small Business

My name is Anthony DeLuca, and I am creating an Association which will be able to provide marketing services for artist, small business, and entrepreneurs, etc. We will also be encouraging communities locally and abroad to pursue their productive interest. Thank you for reading about our campaign to create an Association out of our social advertising network, which can be found at

An Association is a type of Non-Profit which is formed when groups of people congregate over a common interest or cause, which in our case is that all of us are passionate about our crafts and services. Our mission at is to create a common interest in each others' success through sharing productive interest. Our networking site is growing both in content and in visitors.

I have been the main contributor to our site for a long time, but we currently share the stories of 28 connections from at least 4 communities for which we have pages on our website. I'd like our site to have a more professional look, it's time to remove the Wix Banner by purchasing their web builder program. This will help all Connectors as we promote our services, and our Connections for whom we promote.

Currently we need around $500 for the website builder programs, and $500 + for campaigning/establishing our Association Status.

We're looking to bring on more connectors who will run their own business donating content to Rhapsodic Global. Our website platform is designed to allow people the freedom to manage their own business, independently finding clients to sponsor their content as well as being able to provide their services for free whenever they choose, then benefitting from combined traffic and connections.

I am in the process of establishing our non-profit status by increasing our roster of connectors connections & communities, and drafting our paperwork. Any extra money will go a long ways towards helping me accomplish this goal. With a perfect budget I could make a purchase from each business we connect with, have the means to get from place to place, and afford the help of an business legal expert. Then still it requires time and energy to keep a consistent pace moving forward one goal at a time.

When we have achieved non-profit status, I can begin applying for grants which will help all of our connections communities and connectors by paying for events and social media sponsored ads. We can then increase the amount of services we offer and promote by connecting small businesses and artist far and wide. Rhapsodic Global will become an international association, we want to promote productive interest worldwide, connecting across communities to increase the common wealth with our mission.

No donation is too small or large, every penny helps as well as does any feedback towards our cause. I have donated a lot of free content to Rhapsodic Global on behalf of my friends and family running their own businesses. I have also gotten paid for my content a handful of times, which is great news because it shows proof of concept. I am also at this moment out on my second travel experience made possible through networking with Rhapsodic Global Connections.

All of these experiences are really good for me, and I continue to believe our site represents a solution to the "social dilemma," by helping people remember how to use the internet as it was intended before social media sites took over. We encourage people to create their own websites, utilize word of mouth, and to realign with their productive interest! There is so much more that can be said about what it means to share productive interest.

Over the past year I have been able to face and progress on conquering my own social media addictions, by choosing to browse and finding better things to do with my time. It always warms my heart when I start on our site and wind up on someone else's getting a taste of their passions. I know that Rhapsodic Global is an excellent platform for all of us to celebrate the productive things we love to do.

Please check out Rhapsodic Global if you haven't already, thank you for your time we really hope you'll be willing to support our network!

Sincerely, Anthony DeLuca

BTC Address: 16XpUpj5zhYAThJMyEXD2qScR7gs2e1mQb


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