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The Blooming Bus: Taking Root in Northern California and Prone to Pollenate The Masses!

All aboard! The Blooming Bus is a non-profit through the Ink People DreamMakers program, representing the prospects of a beautiful and amazing team of women who aspire to make the world a better place. Holly Ameline, Sarah Love, Uma Till, and Amber Danson, together cultivate the awesome energy of women warrior Goddess. I was introduced to the Blooming Bus story during the ceremonial honoring of Uma's Mother, Amelie Prescott who recently transcended to another realm. The experience was beautiful, we played our hand drums around the bonfire and participated in Lakota prayer song guided by Holly. We heard stories about Amelie and honored The Mother. While I did not know Amelie personally, I am grateful I was able to witness this ceremony and meet these wonderful women who intend on carrying her light forward.

My first impression meeting the Blooming Bus crew is awe-inspired, I thought "These women are primed and ready to blast off!" Their plan is to acquire land here in Humboldt County, which I'm told is coming together now, then they'll be utilizing that space to teach permaculture workshops focusing on regenerative agriculture practices, biomimicry, and other green building techniques. Their goal is to transform how people interact with nature! After getting started here in NorCal, the next step is to go to the next community and set up another hub there! The Blooming Bus is like a Bee bringing pollen from Northern California through the US, encouraging humanity to reconnect with nature and sharing knowledge from the homesteads out from the hills and to the world!

When meeting people like Holly, Sarah, Amber, and Uma, a fire is ignited inside knowing there are plenty of people in the world who feel called to activate right now. At the drop of a hat, these gals shoot from the hip offering up wisdom and with an energy that really makes one ready to action. It's stories like this that make me proud to live in Humboldt County, for these are the ideas and people that make the world a better place! Like a wave, growing in pitch, a hive if you will, we collectively pledge our awareness to ideas such as regenerative agriculture and biomimicry, and our sense of community is restored as we join together and celebrate these aligned values. Consider this post the seed of a first impression, calling you to see what the buzz is all about while 'Planting The Future' and celebrating the Mother this Saturday (May 13th, 2023) in Redway, CA!

Planting The Future is a community fundraising event for both the Blooming Bus and the League of Everyday People! We did a post about the League of Everyday People recently, sharing their music scholarships for kids program. At the Planting The Future event there will be live music, a seed and plant exchange, kids talent show, healing arts, vendors, and fun community building vibes all day and night from 2PM - 2AM! It takes a village, it takes sheer tenacity and vision, and it will take all of us showing up with an open heart and a clear mind, to soak up the sunshine and revel in the fruits of our labors! Let's come together for the North Coast, and support these organizations that aim to make the world a better place.

Donations for The Blooming Bus can be sent to their GoFundMe!

Visit their websites to learn more!

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Sandi DeLuca
Sandi DeLuca
May 09, 2023

What an inspiring blog post!! Love the variety of information that comes up on the site. Can't wait to see what comes up next.

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