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Rhapsodic Global Offers Alternative Approach to Advertising

Welcome to Rhapsodic Global, a social advertising blog that shares productive interest. We define "productive interest" as any form of art, music, trade, service, study, or hobby a person loves to do, especially if it benefits them or others. Our mission is to create a common interest in each others' success.

Anyone who is passionate about their interest is invited to join our network. We believe in our passions which can be expressed in many different forms, all worth recognizing and learning from. People who love what they do often do it well, and they deserve a social networking platform that helps them grow.

Rhapsodic Global helps people grow by making an effort to get to know them, allowing us to connect like minds and opportunities because we know each others goals. We meet all of our Connections personally, and add them to our Connections page with a blog describing the experience.

Our blogs are written by Connectors and might include videos, pictures, web links, contact info, etc. All of our Connectors have demonstrated a commitment to supporting others in their productive interest. Together we meet the people who become Rhapsodic Global Connections, and share them with you!

Please check out the Connections Page and reach out to anyone that might catch your interest. Read about the things people are doing, visit their websites, and connect. Remember that our network is donation based, run by freelance connectors, that means you can donate to us or any of our connections directly!

We appreciate your interest in our network, thank you for helping us raise values morally and economically, locally and abroad.

Make sure to check out the Mission page on our website, thank you!


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