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The AWEsome Business Competition featured first speaker Emilio Velis, with more planned through Nov.

I am excited to share with all of you the AWEsome Business Competition being put on here in Humboldt county. Their first speaker was Emilio Velis, who shared Latin American Collaborative Solutions to World Problems with us at the Arcata Theatre Lounge. I learned about the event by following Lonny Grafman on Facebook, an active Alumni of HSU with many roles in business energy and community development here locally and abroad.

Emilio Velis is from El Salvador, and is one of MIT's top innovators under 35 years old in South America. He shared with us stories about communities getting together to discover solutions to their problems, whether it be through technology or creative hands on work. All of the stories were fun to listen to, the photos full of authentic smiling faces inspirational. These communities prove the value of entrepreneurship in a collaborative setting.

My favorite point that Emilio made is that we often create amazing things when we are faced with the necessity to do so. I couldn't agree more that coming together as a community to discuss our needs is the first solution to all of our problems. Anyone in the Humboldt County area interested in witnessing the magic of start up business should follow the AWEsome Business Competition, and come to the events!

I look forward to sharing more stories about the HSU Entrepreneurship Club, the events being put on by AWEsome Business Competition, and people I meet in the process. This story is the beginning of a series, I hope to share more, and become connected with the people and communities that are attracted to these events. It always feels good networking with like minds, where inspiration thrives, the iron is hot so come out!

Visit to get updated on the AWEsome Business Competition, and upcoming events.

* Thanks to Blue Tech Valley, Emilio Velis, AWEsome Business Competition, Lonny Grafman, Arcata Theatre Lounge, and everyone else who helped put on this event.

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