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The Buddy System: "Accountabilibuddies" and Memorial to Israel Hurst of Indiana

Friends accept us as we are. We meet somewhere some how and find a common interest, sometimes finding each other within our common interest. That acceptance doesn't always come in the same form; lots of people are more comfortable around people who will point out their flaws with friendly banter, while some need a sweeter approach. A friend who not only loves us for who we are but helps us grow as an individual, may be an "Accountabilibuddy."

(Ah-Count-uh-Bil-ah-Buddy, Accountable..)

There's something very special about being gifted a book or sharing music with friends. Media represents just one way to expose our deepest feelings and share messages with one another. Sentimental exchanges like this can bring us closer together, fostering healthy relationships. When we surround ourselves with supportive people who get to know our strengths and weaknesses, it can help inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

So much of what we have is given value in exchange, enhancing our collective experience through the circulation of resources and creativity. For everything else we have each other to remind us to enjoy the journey, not to take life too seriously, and in general that we are loved. The relationships we create are very important, they help us make priceless memories while we grow and live our life.

"Iron sharpens iron," is an old testament proverb about how one person can be used to sharpen another. The phrase was first mentioned to me by someone I look up to as a friend, and mentor. He told me that we are all students and teachers, that through getting to know each others story and goals, we could help keep each other sharp, and on track.

Israel Hurst, aka Izzy and I started as neighbors in Eureka, CA. Izzy being a bit older than I was saw something worth cultivating in me. We would talk about life and have fun sharing our favorite words. I'm really lucky to have known Izzy. He loved drumming, and would practice by slapping his knees in successive rhythms and patterns with his hands until they were red and sore. He helped me with my rhythm even convincing me to shorten a line in one of my verses once, which I know was unnecessarily difficult because I can be pretty stubborn - that time and others.

Izzy eventually invited me to intern with his business start in San Diego, a cannabis delivery dispensary by the name Community Green. We had an awesome time exchanging ideas and philosophies while living together for two months. I was able to learn what it really felt like to work side by side with another person, and the skills Izzy cultivated in me during that experience have really helped me hone in on my goals numerous times. The training I received there helped me communicate more clearly and sincerely, both in business and my personal life.

What brought Izzy and I together was not only our shared level of ambition; we both cared about the common wealth and freedom of all people. He was big on the health benefits of cannabis, financial literacy, and networking. He imparted a lot of wisdom onto me alongside training me in business communications, self-defense, financial literacy, music, and life. A lot of this training was simply spending time together and suggesting helpful materials in light of our conversations, or sharing stories.

As I write this I wonder how much I taught him though, which brings us back to the point. Izzy made it clear to me that he was also getting a lot out of us spending time together, proving that we had a teacher student vice a versa relationship by sharing things he was learning from me too. Confidence isn't my strongest trait, though my desire to do well has been given courage through acceptance and friendship. It certainly helped to have a friend that not only accepted me as I am, but urged me to be better just for the ride of life.

When I would show low morale, Izzy would remind me to ask myself, "Why?" Knowing that no matter what I was doing the why would put the what into perspective. I've been using that advice even lately as I give my best effort to remain positive and hopeful. We had fun too. One fun thing we did during that internship is that everyone we worked with would play video games together, as a team building exercise. Sadly Izzy passed away a few months ago, learning he is gone has exposed the deep impact he made in my life.

I wish I could have been better in many ways, though there is time for me and I know he'd want me to appreciate every moment. Still I feel a deep need to live up to being the person that not only he saw in me, but more importantly. I know who I am and owe it to myself to embody my highest potential. Izzy helped me become the person I am today. It is in my calling to share these principles of focus, friendship, and teamwork. I write this now knowing he left a positive impact in many other lives as well, and his messages should live on.

Rhapsodic Global would not exist if people were not devoted to sharing their passions, nor would it exist if it weren't for Izzy and people like Izzy who not only tolerated me being obsessed with the idea, but inspired and helped me process how to turn it into reality. In my sharing of this connection I made with a friend, I hope that I can inspire others to live up to their goals and to support the aspirations of their loved ones. Remember, our network is here to help anyone looking for inspiring connections, for motivation and moral support.

Any moment could be our last, so remember to live life to the fullest and spend plenty of time with loved ones. Honor those connections who keep us honest. Cherish those who challenge and reward us with the greatest gift of all; to be known. I am dedicating this post to Izzy, and for anyone that wishes to read more about someone who inspired and encouraged people to do and feel their best his entire life. Please consider donating to Izzy's family as you read about him on their Gofundme.

Any support to help them cope with their loss is appreciated.

"Faith is belief plus action."

RIP Israel Hurst

PS - Here are a couple of the resources Izzy liked to share..

This blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of on his own volition, and then donated to be shared on


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