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Vixen Kitchen Dairy Free Ice Cream: Turnkey Profitable Streamlined Business FOR SALE - $64,000

"I feed it to my children for breakfast." Amber from Garberville
Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato Business For Sale

Sundara Collier started Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelato out of her kitchen in Garberville, CA, because she wanted to create a dairy-free treat for her two daughters Gigi and Lola. Made primarily with cashew milk and maple syrup; this versatile treat is also a source of protein, iron, vitamins and minerals, as well as it is certified organic, vegan, and paleo. Sundara has developed her Vixen Kitchen into a very hands off source of residual income, with a food manufacturer and distributers, and selling in stores like Whole Foods across the Western United States as well as here in Humboldt County at Eureka Natural Foods!

In the beginning, Sundara made vegan gelato for her children with love and found that she really enjoyed eating it too. Before she knew it she was getting into festivals and selling at farmers markets, and discovering that people really liked her recipes! Vixen Kitchen became well known for it's premium, organic, and wholesome ingredients, and for being a great alternative to dairy that tastes great. The best part is that even for a dessert, Vixen Kitchen Vegan Gelatos have the nutrition profile of a densely packed superfood making it healthy enough to eat daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Along with the purchase of the Vixen Kitchen brand comes the whole business setup. You'll be connected with a food manufacturer who prepares and packages your product, distribution, and your products will be stocked in stores all with minimal effort on your part. You have the opportunity to expand the brand working with brokers who are familiar with the product, create new recipes, attend festivals and farmers markets, travel to new stores as you desire. Your business will be well established and profitable, selling well out of Whole Foods for almost a decade now there's no reason not to get your products into more stores.

Because Vixen Kitchen is well known for it's high quality, healthy ingredients, this is a great opportunity to provide dessert alternatives to a growing market of consumers who are becoming more health conscious. Your purchase comes with a loyal customer base and a unique one of a kind product that sells itself. The ideal candidate to buy Vixen Kitchen is going to appreciate healthy food choices, someone who wants to be able to press go and have their business operating simple as that, but the added bonus will come for the person who has the energy and motivation to build on the success Sundara has already established!

Check out the website to learn more about the brand and what people are saying, and contact Sandi DeLuca with Coldwell Bankers Sellers to discuss your purchase. Keep in mind that current supply stock is included and will add value to the purchase.

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