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Anthony DeLuca is a writer from Humboldt county, CA. Anthony was given the Emcee name ”Dope Logic” in a ceremonious rights of passage, by Joe of Chicago, and has been committed to rap since a near death experience on 09/17/2008.

He finds joy in simple things like ink on paper, and spending time with friends, yet somehow Anthony is always deeply implicating himself into the natural chaos of life. Combining creativity with analytical thinking, you can expect Anthony’s writing to make you think.

Friends say that Anthony is friendly, honest, and a bit intense at times. Their support helps him know he is doing the right thing. If you ask him, he will say his purpose it to communicate a message in a way anyone can unerstand, which is that ”Everybody has their own message worth sharing, and being heard.”

Anthony is grateful to know that Rhapsodic Global will give him the chance to hear everybodies message. As a Connector with Rhapsodic Global, Anthony will write about productive interest and connect like minds for the growth and development of people worldwide.

”Big thanks to everyone who is a part of my life, and a part of our network. Always feel free to contact me for feedback, to ask any questions, or to collaborate.” Anthony DeLuca

Find Anthony’s music and literature at

Thanks! (Written in third person by Anthony DeLuca, let me know if this bio needs any edits!)

Anthony DeLuca

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