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Academy of Ideas

How can you be sure you know someone that you've met online? Well, when they go through all the effort to create a website that shares their ideals, that's one way. Another way is to have conversations on a regular basis. It can be endearing to learn over years what it is exactly that keeps us connected to people we meet online. When I learned recently of my friend's website, Academy of Ideas, I felt gratification and a spiked interest.

I met Philip from Scandinavia online in a group about "ENFJ's," one of many Myers Briggs personality types for which I have tested to be 3 times. Over the years we have talked about music, personal growth and development, financial awareness and crypto-currencies, about life in general. I always appreciate being able to talk to someone about the world we build within ourselves and the world we co-create.

It is particularly exciting to come across Academy of Ideas because I can see myself actually getting really into their website, sharing videos with friends and learning cool things when I want to relax and digest media. There are two subscription services, monthly or an annual currently at a 33% discount. Not to worry, if you're not sure you want to pay, you can browse decent previews and literature which still gives a lot of information.

The problem with learning from youtube, in my opinion it's that you get bombarded with advertising which can be distracting and annoying at times. It is probably worth it to pay for streaming without advertising, even though not every company offers that. Academy of Ideas however, does not seem to advertise anything on their site other than their own streaming service. They genuinely want to help people help themselves by giving access to knowledge.

Another reason I am really excited to share the Academy of Ideas with you here is that they share information on Decentralization. Decentralization is the concept of having forms of autonomy at the local level, think about the power grid for example. You may know that I believe we are better off investing in micro-grids than relying on one giant. Realistically, the concept of local sovereignty is one that indulges responsibility and community.

We just happen to have many technologies that can bring these philosophies of idealism into a place of realization, altruistically. Whether it be blockchain to enforce an honest economic system, or the internet to connect people over a common interest, we are almost ready to build a truly free world.

Say it again with me, because we still have some powerful people living in fear and trying to control everything around them. Lucky for us, we also have people like Philip who want to share valuable knowledge for a richer more fulfilling world. We can't do the right things if we don't know what they are, and as much as it has become normal to only trust an established teacher or spokesperson for knowledge, we still need to teach people how to think.

That is exactly why it is important to have something like the Academy of ideas in our media diet, to remind us of the great thinkers who inspire us to come up with our own world views. Philip wanted me to tell all of you that he and his company is also offering consulting and mentorship for your personal and business goals. Just get on over to their website, browse it to see how you feel, and reach out! I'm about to become a member as soon as I can!

I told Philip I was writing this blog, and he has this message to share with us:

"People’s money: cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin came on the scene in 2009, just as the banking system was on the verge of collapsing. One giant advantage of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies is trust and security outside the banking system. As cryptocurrencies evolve, the power of the banking system — Mandrake’s Magical Money Show — will lose its grip on the financial freedom of the world. The Bitcoin threat.
That is why cyber money, people’s money, is such a threat. Many cryptocurrency miners and developers are driven by an intense desire, a passion (and in some cases a hatred) to bring down Mandrake’s Magical Money Show and the invisible leaders or “controlling elite." Today, billions of people are trapped in a central banking system owned by the mega-rich. The central banks are not elected by the people and do not have to answer to the people. That is why gold and Bitcoin are a threat to central bankers.
Bitcoin is the “gold standard” for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is a threat to those who print fake money. The Fed and Bitcoin miners have a lot in common. Both manufacture money. That is why cryptocurrencies are a threat to the Central Bank monopoly on fake money. But, cryptocurrencies are less fake than the fake, government money we already use.
While I am not an expert on cryptocurrencies. I do understand that blockchain technology is the real technology. Blockchain technology is more trustworthy than human beings. Money is dependent upon trust, so I trust blockchain technology more than I do human beings. Blockchain technology will change the world because blockchain technology is more trustworthy than government money. I prefer gold and silver (God’s money) for the same reason. Gold and silver are far more trustworthy than the people running our governments, banks, and pension funds.
If you’re seeking new and exciting opportunities to achieve your financial dreams, then the world of cryptocurrencies might be a great platform for you to explore. Just know that the future of this marketplace is entirely unpredictable, prices are fluctuating daily and it’s a total gamble at this point. It’s the people versus the government and the controlling elite, so before you jump in, get educated."

We really are lucky to be able to connect with one another in this world, since you read this far I will give you a sneak peak into what I'm dreaming up. I believe Indigenous values such as passing knowledge through story telling, and utilizing metaphors within nature to teach us about the relationship between all things are going to make Decentralization make sense in a globalist society.

I plan on reaching out to the NDN Collective, whom I learned about at an AWEsome Business Competition speech by Dr Pennelys Droze, to introduce them to the Academy Of Ideas. I hear that NDN Collective likes to support groups and organizations that make a positive impact on society. I believe the values in both of these programs will influence each other in a beautiful way, and look forward to sharing more with you here.

As always, thank you for reading about productive interest on

Anthony DeLuca

PS, I had to come back and add this video I found on because it may be very helpful to anyone feeling stressed about the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

This Promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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