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HIPHOPHUMBOLDT is an Inspiration for US All featuring David Haynie, Humboldt County, CA

David Haynie, Host of the HipHopHumboldt Podcast

David Haynie HipHopHumboldt podcast

As a writer, and a rapper, who dreams of really spilling my heart into everything I do. It's both humbling and motivating to sit back and observe the inspiring people around me. After all, community both gives us a sense of purpose and no scene survives without it. There's a reason that our accomplishments are measured by our contributions, and today's promotion honors David Haynie for his contribution to the Humboldt Hip Hop community. David Haynie, creator of the HipHopHumboldt podcast and founding member of the Humboldt Chapter of the Hip Hop Congress, is putting in work to pay homage to the potent and uplifting Hip Hop made in Humboldt County.

See for yourself this July 1st, For The Culture, at the Arcata Playhouse (07/01/2023)

For The Culture Event in Arcata, July 1st, 2023

Humboldt County hosts a vast and tightly knit network of really talented and unique individuals. We come from various backgrounds, share a love for the place we call home and we all have our history. David Haynie is giving a platform to so many people with his website,, where he interviews and promotes the music of guests from all over and around Humboldt County. David does a great job of asking the right questions to get our friends and neighbors sharing their story in a conversation format that's enjoyable to listen to. Beyond the podcasts, David can be found out at shows and organizing them too.

Covering topics such as personal and regional history, philosophy, entertainment, business ethics and strategy, culture, and the impact that making music or art has in people's lives; HipHopHumboldt maintains a catalog for us all to get to know our community. At the For The Culture event on July 1st, HHH podcast guest get in free specifically so we can Meet and Greet with Humboldt's Hip Hop! The show is only $20, which goes to supporting HHH, who is now a finalist in the North Coast Journal 2023 Best of Humboldt Podcasts (Vote Here Daily). It will be well worth coming out to enjoy local music, and to have a good time.

Click or hover over picture to see Artists names

I see HipHopHumboldt as a pillar in our community, shining a light on the often under represented local Hip Hop scene that's full of talent. I look up to David Haynie's hustle and consistency in what he does, filming shows and networking with everyone there, then still making the time to meet and interview people in person, all while sharing it all on social media. When listening to the HHH podcasts; I'm impressed by the perspectives shared by Humboldt County's musicians, writers and poets. I'm reminded that I live in an amazing place full of brilliant individuals who are if anything unique.

When I first met David Haynie, he was filming a Fatbol Cypher at The Epitome Gallery. He captured everyone there making magic together, then he edited up a feature reel, shared individual performances to all of our inboxes personally and to his social media pages. That shows not only dedication and talent, but a willingness to connect on a human level making sure all of us who were there got to keep the memory. I respect David Haynie for the work he's putting in. He really is doing it for the love of Humboldt County and in admiration of the talented artists that live here. I can relate with feeling this reverence for where we live, and this story especially hits home for me because it's about Humboldt Hip Hop!

AnTone Dope Logic, Anthony DeLuca rapping at the Epitome Gallery Fatbol Cypher

^^ That's me Rapping! ^^ AnTone Dope Logic

I think a lot of people would agree that the level of creativity in Humboldt is bigger and deeper than anyone of us can really conceive, with an above average amount of artists per capita and a counterculture to match. That's why David Haynie's contribution is so important, his format of choice and persistent work ethic has allowed him to compile lots of great media for all of us to listen to for free! Of course the project is composed with the presence and support of local artists, whom many of us probably know personally. Listening to local artists discussing their journey into the craft inspires me to pick up my own. Attending local hip hop shows and cyphers is always incredibly heart warming and poetic.

Check out the HipHopHumboldt podcast, and check out David Haynie's promotions on all HHH different social media channels, all found at I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with David a little bit helping him promote shows. He's a genuine and considerate person to work with, and his cause is worthy. The energy in the local hip hop scene is motivating, inspiring, open and safe, and sage in the sense that ideas and emotional transformations are shared for all who wish to observe and contribute. These are the stories and people that remind a rapper like myself to be who I am, to be my best. And I believe the same opportunity is presenting itself for all of Humboldt County in celebrating it's hip hop culture.

We can start right here, listen here or click the channel icon to subscribe on YouTube. The website link provides all of your preferred social media links there to follow, and you'll also find a link to donate funds. Buy tickets to For The Culture event this July 1st, right here. HipHopHumboldt is a good place to stay up to date on local shows and learn about Humboldt County History. It's also a great source of inspiration for any other artists or writers and journalists (hint hint) who want to learn, celebrate and contribute something to the culture in Humboldt County. I'm going to share an episode below with Nac One, who will be our hosts on July 1st at the Arcata Play House! For The Culture!

Nac One Cypher General Episode 13 of the HipHopHumboldt podcast

This promotional blog post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be promoted on!


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