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Operation Save Ourselves, Big Thanks to Devon Fowler for Leading The Way!

Devon Fowler also makes music by the name Attribute, the first time I ever saw him at work was performing poetry at an open mic in Arcata, CA. I remember being impressed by his words and delivery, but that's not why I'm writing about him now. Right now I want to share with all of you another great example of what we should all be doing during this pandemic. Operation Save Ourselves; Devon Fowler is bringing people food and supplies, operating as in S.O.S. because he knows a lot of people need help right now.

I learned of his project through a friend who has outstanding integrity, whom I used to work with in the past. I've been tuning into Devon's live videos as well as listening to a mixtape he recently produced with a community of other artist, Humboldt County Mixtape VOL1. Sounds like he was thinking about all those who have lost out on work, and are in general going through hard times during the pandemic when he decided to organize. He couldn't ignore the feeling that others are in need and he knows a little help goes a long way.

Devon has a lot of heart, it's cool getting to know him through his social media content. He isn't putting in all of this effort, promoting his project, cooking the food, sharing knowledge, and leading by example for clout. He's helping people because he feels people, and this is a valid response to feeling what we're all going through together. He seems to be a creative, intelligent individual with a lot of talent and the drive to help others. Authenticity can look like chopping onions live on Facebook opening up, compelled to share his feelings.

Authenticity can also be shown in the thoughtfulness in someone's approach. Rest assured that Devon is taking necessary precautions when preparing, and delivering food and supplies. He's wearing gloves and mask, wearing fresh clothes, and showering when he gets home to protect everyone involved. I'm impressed by the support Operation SOS has garnered, Devon's community is active and positive with a strong attitude against oppression. Being a struggling artist himself, more support is always needed so definitely do so if you can.

You can support Devon Fowler aka Attribute, and Operation Save Ourselves by sending money to his CashApp "$Attribute" or by reaching out and donating supplies. You can also tune into his music, feel his experience and write a comment or like to show you're listening. Another way to show your support is to learn something from his example and check in with your community to make sure everybody's got everything they need. We can all use each others help now, and in the coming times ahead.

I hope you liked reading about Devon Fowler, and Operation Save Ourselves, I look forward to sharing more of his work in the future.

Thank you,

Anthony DeLuca

Enjoy some pictures from Operation Save Ourselves!

PS - Enjoy one of his songs Attribute's songs right here on his promo page :)

(This blog was written and donated to by Anthony DeLuca of to promote Devon Fowler's Operation Save Ourselves, free of charge.)


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