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Our First Event in Years! Trial-Run Network & Dine @TheKitchenArcata

As I mentioned in our last promotional post, a few friends and I have been discussing a potential event schedule with The Kitchen Arcata. We love this restaurant, and I highly suggest people check them out during their regular hours Tuesday through Friday 5 - 8PM. I'd also like to invite our readers, friends, and family to come out and join us for our first trial-run Network & Dine event this Saturday & Sunday from 10AM-10PM.

We'd like to celebrate The Kitchen by organizing a way for local cooking talent to get their moment of glory. As you will learn on The Kitchen's website, their Special-of-The-Day approach allows for the freshest dining experience with the least amount of wasted energy. We're hoping that if we can maintain a friendly fun atmosphere, our events can inspire the restaurant to not only remain open on the weekends but become a gathering place for Humboldt County to celebrate local food sovereignty.

We want to promote local food vendors and talent, while offering affordable meals and opportunities to network. Expect the menu this weekend to be very modest. If anything, come for a couple drinks and to say hi. We want people to bring their ideas the first time around, we'll be getting the word out and if all goes well; we can make this a more regular event. Remember, The Kitchen has regular hours which is when you're going to experience the best of what they have to offer: Tuesday through Friday from 5:00 - 8:00 PM.

Thanks to The Kitchen for being open to hiring and working with us as event coordinators, and for being open to allowing other cooks the experience of creative freedom. Let's all respect this space, and bring our best selves together to celebrate and nourish the Arcata Community. The motto is to make it fun, here is our opportunity to bring people together over food. Per usual I'll be encouraging everyone to do what they love, connecting like minds and opportunities, and grateful to share the experience with you here!

This promoblog post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be promoted on!

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