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Site Development

Howdy everyone!

Anthony here, just taking some notes for pending web development and I wanted to let you know what I've been up to. Over the past week or so, we've been planting and beginning to harvest greens for the summer here in Northern California. The weather has been hot for this time of year, but still a mild to chilly at night. We've got some rain coming for the next few days, which I'm happy about because I can catch up here on the website.

Though you may be happy to hear we've been actively building our network, I have some exciting news! We're currently in the process of vetting two new Connectors who want to share stories about their projects and passions, while benefiting a Custom Web Page. I have been working with both of them to create their CWPs', and very soon we will be able to share all of our stories here together. The most beautiful thing about this is all three of us have things in common, different back grounds, and definitely each of us are unique.

Nitish Salgrota from Jammu, India, is a travel vlogger who loves photography and film often sharing ah-inspiring content. Raymond Orenda with Organic Food Kenya and the Orenda Foundation is leading a community farming project, and teaching his community how to become more resourceful, in Kenya. They're both working hard out there in the world, and doing a lot of things I personally feel are worth seeing and learning from their example. I've been having a lot of fun getting to know Raymond and Nitish, and soon you will too!

It always warms my heart to see people are viewing our website, so please keep tuning in. I've seen that many of our visitors tend to come back for more! If you've been sharing with your friends via online or word of mouth, please drop us a message so we can express our gratitude personally. I have ebbs and flows in website productivity every now and then as I work labor for resources, but I know adding more connectors who will enjoy sharing content with all of you is going to be help us keep the site fresh and interesting.

Please show your support when Nitish and Raymond start sharing more about their stories here on Rhapsodic Global, by donating directly to them on their Custom Web Page! Until then I have a lot going on including some marketing for our connections, farming for our community, and going through every blog and page on this website to make simple edits - add tags, and reinforce Search Engine Optimization so that once we purchase the builder our site will rank on search engines - among other things to do/to share with you here.

Before we know it, we'll be sharing productive interest in many areas of the world!

Anthony DeLuca

PS - I'd like to raise an extra $300, preferably donated to Rhapsodic Global, that I will be using to purchase the Wix web builder package allowing us to level it up a notch!

Thank you for your continued support.

This thoughts & blogs post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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