Soul Party 24 "Soul Night" in Arcata, CA with special guest Riff Psyentifiks

     Every Third Saturday of the month at Humbrews in Arcata, CA is the Soul Party aka "Soul Night." The same night that HSU Graduation had taken place, May 19th 2019, my friend and DJ, Riff Psyentifiks invited me to come out and see some music.

     Him and I had lived together at one point, every night was home work night while he worked on his Masters Thesis and I building Rhapsodic Global. I think it's great to maintain positive relationships, and those years were some of the most productive at the Spaceship where we once lived.

     Soul Night is great, everybody comes here to dance and let their spirit get free. You won't hear top 40's music, no matter what genre or era of music it is always dance worthy and full of soul. Humbrews brings a large diversity of people together, so please see a show next time you're in Arcata.

      Check out Riff Psyentifiks on soundcloud, you can also find his newest music here at Selekta out of Seattle, WA. Riff Psyentifiks did his Sociology Masters Thesis on the four elements of Hip Hop, and he is a devoted turn tableist spinning vinyl records. I've always enjoyed spacing out to his music while doing home work, but as you can see in the video, it's great to dance to too.

      Big thanks to Riff Psyentifiks for inviting me out to Soul Night, I had a great time, brought some friends and met some new ones too. Stay tuned for more blogs about Riff and his music, Humbrews the bar restaurant and venue, and events like Soul Night. As always, thanks for reading about productive interest on

Enjoy this collage!

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