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The Crazy Irish Tree Service

My first day in Tennessee and I've already seen people at work. It's a beautiful day, while walking on the farm I came to find three men cutting limbs off of a white oak tree. Jamie told me the city told them they needed to clear the power lines, and The Crazy Irish Tree Servive is living up to their name.

I admire the creativity, and ethic to get a job done. When I mentioned writing the blog to Shane, who I assume is the project manager, he told me that "Fun is free, it's up to you to have it." In some words or more, I believe these guys are polite and professional. All three of them were busy working the whole time they were here, looked like fun to me!

It's an honor and a privilege to be sharing productive interest in Tennessee, please give The Crazy Irish Tree Service a call when you're needing tree service in the area. Thanks for reading my blog, I look forward to sharing more with you through out the week. I'm going to copy paste some literature off of their website below, but I suggest you visit it yourself and call them if you feel so inclined.

The experts at Crazy Irish Tree Service provide superb care for trees and other landscape shrubbery across Sevier Co and the surrounding areas. We are licensed and insured, and provide the highest-quality tree service for you and your landscape. We pride ourselves on professional assistance at affordable prices and offer discounts to senior citizens and veterans. Our experience in both the commercial and residential sectors means you can be rest assured that your job is in capable hands. We would be happy to visit your property and provide a free estimate or a consultation, during which we can answer any specific questions you might have. Call (865) 412-7057

This blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, free of charge, and donated to!


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