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     I was born in Southern California and raised in the Long Beach area until 2002 when my family moved to Humboldt County; I was 12 years old. I did well in school whenever I applied myself, participated in sports, and enjoyed the robust beauty of life in Northern California. By the time I became an adult, I had already known how important writing is to me. I had always used writing to organize my thoughts, and grew particularly interested in writing songs.

     In Fall of 2008, I started taking classes at College of The Redwoods on the academic path to a psychology degree, with an interest in journalism and science. At the time I was writing song lyrics every day, free styling, working and schooling full time, as well as playing hard. My interest in school was genuine and for my journalism final, my first college course, I wrote a report about John Watson's discovery that human beings could be classically conditioned in 1920.

     You can read that here, but in short he taught an orphan child to fear small white animals by ringing a loud gong whenever one was introduced to the room. John received criticism for his study when he could not un-teach the phobia, and he lost his license to perform psychology. John Watson then got a job with the Walter Thompson Ad Agency; who in 2008 was the 3rd wealthiest corporation in the world. It was exciting for me to point out this elephant in advertising. 

     In the report I criticize the kinds of behaviors being taught in the media, and suggest we use media as a tool for personal development. I've been a critic of the advertising industry for longer than I've wanted to get involved. It brings me joy to look back and see how I would eventually end up creating an advertising concept of my own. Besides journalism, I enjoyed all kinds of classes in school such as music, philosophy, religion, several psychology classes, and more. 

     Naturally, my life revolved around my friends and music living in a small college town. I worked various labor jobs for people I knew, in restaurant kitchens, fine dining for a few years, and even at a gym. Eventually I decided to follow an opportunity and intern in a San Diego Medical Delivery Dispensary with a beloved friend named Izzy. In San Diego, I learned a bit about running a business and received communications training in sales and dispatch scenarios. 

     The communications training was particularly fun as a song writer because I could use this knowledge to better more truthfully convey my feelings. Communication will always hold a prominent place in my heart because I know how valuable it can be for my relationships and career, this was true even before I went to San Diego. I'm grateful that growing up I was able to learn from some of the most amazing and talented individuals while I discovered and developed my own calling. 

     After San Diego, I returned home and went back to school to take a few business classes. Eventually coming up with the idea for Rhapsodic Global in a conversation with two friends Jason and Jess who pursue their arts independently. At the time, my room mate & friend and I all made our own music and arts. Our home was a bit of a Co-Laboratory, with people coming from near and far to hang out and create. The realization that we could fulfill a need for people wanting to connect and be seen in their passions is one of a hand full that have changed my life. 

     We've connected with dozens of inspiring individuals, some of whom have made a point to remind me that Rhapsodic Global made an impact in their lives - which feels rewarding. The simple notion of saying this thing you love to do is important has inspired people to elevate their lives work. Through many failures and success, I have learned how to structure Rhapsodic Global better than before. Now our platform is easier to join, allows for other connectors, and we're on our way to becoming an Association. 

     When I meet someone, I want to know what drives them and makes them excited because this is what I value in life. Following my heart has become a personal growth and development practice of sorts. I know that a good amount of creative outlets and productive things to do, keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by underwhelm. By creating a network based on sharing productive interest, I can support what I believe is a healthy responsible lifestyle. As always, my infinite gratitude goes out to everyone who is a part of our network for making this what it is and leading by example!

     I want to see a world where people celebrate the things they love to do together, with a genuine interest in seeing each other accomplish their goals. Together we can learn the things we must learn, be dazzled by the things we can do, and face the problems we must face to find the solutions. I'm passionate about seeing people thrive in their element, and expressing their talents. If I were to have a message, it's that everyone has their own message and all of our stories are valid.


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