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Meal Ticket Series Premiers October 29th, 2021

This time last year I was getting ready to travel to Los Angeles for my first small acting gig with Meal Ticket, directed by Deon Cooper. The experience was really great for me because I got to hang out with other like minded people and work on something creative. I was also able to learn a couple things about what it takes to organize a film project. Deon the Director brought his vision to life by writing Meal Ticket, assembling all of us together, and working with each and every one of us individually.

I've shared some details about the experience before which can be found here, but the series by Deon Cooper is a hilarious story about three friends (Savion Polk, Hakeem Sharif, and Kevin Thibodeaux) who win the lottery by putting their resources together. The money spell causes an immediate chain of events that test their friendship and expose their character, leading them to bouts of cat and mouse while fighting for the lions share. I had so much fun working with everyone during the production, it's going to be great.

I want everyone who knows me or reads these blogs to watch the premier, this is your chance to see me (Anthony DeLuca) get choked out on camera. I've also decided after seeing myself on camera that I don't intend on letting my hair get that long ever again! Thanks for keeping up with me as I set out to share the productive interest stories of myself and others. To learn more about Deon "The Director" Cooper himself, check out his website where you can also purchase your tickets to see the series premier of Meal Ticket!

Deon Cooper made these memes!

This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!

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